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All of us are a little bit weird and the best of us are a lot a bit weird.

Here at HippieQueenProductions, We are dedicated to creating content, classes, and courses all driven to help support your Mind, Body, and Soul.

You are a rational thing attempting to understand the emotional responses of a oddly physical being. It can be a bit confusing at times to figure out what you need to do at times to balance out all the voices.

Fear not! We are here to help your beautiful face see, hear, and taste the magick that life is seeking to bring to you.

“Don’t stop dreaming, just because you woke up”

– Mikael Moonstrung

Join our tribe and plan your life changing discovery call today.

Each our stolen souls specializes in handcrafted personal development strategies unique to the Mind, Body, and Soul. We offer regular 1 on 1 classes and courses targeting whichever area of our curriculum which would best help you achieve the dreams you’ve always had, but never been able to hold.

Schedule your Discovery Call with either Mikael, Aura, or Ava and take the opportunity to have meaningful dialogue all driving you towards a better understanding of what you need to do, in order to create Magick in your life.

Aura Dayspring

Master of the Rainbow Gate and fourth Celestial Son of Orion’s Nebula. Eldest of the First Ones.

When we start our journey, it begins with the mind.

All perception and sensory information feed the mighty computer of you.

Here at HQP, we consider Aura to be our certified people programmer. They drive attention to Mind and where to place our attention.

Be in how you eat, or why you think the way you do, they can help you to ask the questions to you needed the answers too.

Ava Starmax

Keeper of the Keys to Life; Mother of Order through Chaos, and Friend to the End.

What you eat, how you choose to life each day, and the limits that we are faced with in those challenges are unique to each of us.

What isn’t unique, is what is good and good for you. Ava is our in house nutritionist and life coach, focusing on the Body and how to heal it’s wounds.

At the end of the day, our physicality can be the most real thing we experience. What would it be like if you could transcend those limitations?

Mikael Moon

Lord of Temptation and Decision; Child of Dawn and Dusk – First to Pass the Veil

Discovering our faith is a very personal journey, one that only you can really embark on.

Critical analysis of our motivations, our emotional responses, and shadowic ways can tell us much about our whole.

Mikael is that weird kid from high school who always had something to say.

That hasn’t changed, now it’s just about the intricacy of the Soul and how we can communicate with the parts of us that are long desiring attention.

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