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Our content ranges from food to the spirituality of the foods we may eat. To say that we are afraid to venture into a realm of the unknown headfirst would be a fallacy in the HippieQueen lifestyle.

It’s is our motto and way to engage in everything we can in the most natural way and in the most normal quantity. To observe without affecting, to be balanced within our drives as people but motivated to understand our place as spiritual beings.

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We have worked for the last 2 years to create a range of metaphysical, spiritual, and self-improvement based content to highlight our values.

I’ve gathered the finest of souls available to help me create content that is driven from our spirit in the hopes of passing on what we can at every avenue. Our in house team consists of Ava Starmax and Aura Dayspring, two active spiritual teachers, health advocates, and teachers where the seeking student is found.

Aura Dayspring is usually found at the top of the local mountains or down near the depths of Hades. They are our muse and resident Tarot keeper, producing both prophecy and paintings to pass the time and hide the mysteries inside.

We had no idea what this was going to turn into when we started but thank the gods and devils which sought to inspire it’s creation.

Being moved through commonality in struggle, we decided that there was going to be a difference made in our lives from this point forward. We looked at our past and the memories of joy that filled our smoky campsite and saw that it was the unified experience that we have which drove us to talk about the things which acted as weights to our dreams. We found relation and trust in diving head first into the unknown. As if that ever common phrase uttered by mothers and educators since time eternal, “If your friends jumped off a bridge, would you?” has been answered. Yes we would absolutely jump off the bridge if it meant we were together as a family.

We embraced the possible catastrophe and believed that if we worked as one unit under each others best interest we could change our lives. I can confidently say that we have in more ways now then could ever be captured in media.

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It inspires us to make content for you. We want to share the tale of the Horsemen; Of how they spoke a breath of manifestation into reality by standing together.

Our Family!

Ava Starmax
Aura Dayspring
Mikael Moonstrung

About Us

My name is Mikael Moonstrung, and I’m a passionate adult educator, ritual instructor, healer, and all around mad soul. I’ve been here for a very long time and in watching the rise and fall of humans, I’ve found that there is a purpose to the uniqueness of their perspective. It’s my goal to share everything I can with you that I have learned over the millennia and to continue learning more along the way.

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