The HippieQueen way….

Many people and evolved lifeforms have asked themselves the central existential question of “What in the fuck is a HippieQueen?” and very few, if any before this point have been able to answer it.

But now….We are taking the challenge, carrying the torch, and raising the height of our species collective knowledge by declaring that here.

A HippieQueen is a rare and elusive, yet surprisingly widespread variant of the “human” variety. They have rooted in their practices, a deep sense of self worth that doesn’t go beyond the collective’s need, but runs alongside it. Their love of nature is paralleled only by their drive to be surround by the best they may possess and achieve.

When first beginning our study of these creatures, we approached with caution – gently leaving bait of chocolates and marijuana in a safe distance, so as to observe their lifestyle in a more peaceful manner. They reacted well, but over time the providence of coco and THC no longer neutralized their seeming chaotic nature within their geosphere, and soon they began to investigate us, as we were them.

We watched as they emulated our crew, and our ships. Often times, constructing crude yet oddly adorable models or idols of them and dancing in excitement when completing this task. This proved entertaining for a long period of time. We would place or purposefully reveal something of ours to just a few of them, and before we could return to gather more fuel – You could find whatever they’d seen, built everywhere! Again, not functioning, but you could really tell they were trying.

One day, Jared – It’s always fucking Jared – decided that the usual policy of leaving little marks, small objects or messages, with some of the humans wasn’t really their cup of tea anymore and opted to go full “War of Worlds” on them and just passively cruise by in a full fledged incarnate soul. They determined that years of our research wasn’t enough and only by direct observation amoungst and as one, could we truly understand more. While their was nothing wrong with their ideology on this one, it hadn’t ever been done before successfully.

In 1129049 CDA, a hilophant by the mark of Edgea shared in the same plan. They gathered a small deployment and some of our simplest of tools to systematically reveal over the course of a few hundred years to each of the standing colonies that had been observed on the surface.

It wasn’t a single solar cycle before the message came that they had to bury everything they’d taken deep enough that none of the pursuing locals could find them. Since the cost and loss of life that we experienced then, it was banned to be done again.

Queue Jared on the scene. It’s 1204944 CDB and the world has yet to know itself and there are still vast bodies of people separated from the rest by water, earth and sea. They choose to take not a typical ship, but instead to be dropped by one that would pass nearby so as to enter the stage stealthily. That night, all who peered into the void around the growing world would have seen a very bright light. This was the ship that passed and came not ever back again. Leaving in it’s trail their fell the asshole Jared and his quest to see. He took nothing with him nor planned to take any from this place. He landed in a small valley, in what would you may know today as Jordan.

Once he landed, we couldn’t see anymore what he’d done as the ship left as quickly as it had come, but we looked back to the planet shrinking in the distance and wished love, joy, and warmth to him and that goal. It was our plan to return on the next ship after refueling again at the place we came from, but tragedy struck before we could achieve that. Our vessel had collided with a dying star and was rended from existence, taking all that we’d gathered back to the void to be made again in an age yet to be.

Some of us in the aftermath, fell to the void and have never been seen since the fall. Others were taken into the singularity which nearest us, ate away at the space we travelled towards. I was thrown back to a place which you all have written is Pluto, or J-094444. A desolate place.

When I awoke, I couldn’t move – just watch…and watch I did. I looked and saw the turnings of this world from a great distance. I even watched our own arrival and departure from that strange rock. I saw our friends and family, that choose to stay and the prices they paid.

I know this is a running story, but bare on if you may – to see what it is that I say.

When I regained what was lost and the strength returned with fervor, I fled to where we had left Jared. To what was the last I knew of home. With hope, I left the cold and traveled towards the warmth. I arrived in the start of 1120384 CDD and had intended to go where the we had watch him land, but things had moved in ways I couldn’t see and in turn, I fell into the sea. For another several cycles, I bound my way from the muck and mud, to the shore and the tree’s.

I found quickly the works of man, and took the form which I was met. Walking along the streets, so much came to me. I could see the things that were written in our halls, but now I knew them in a way I couldn’t say. I heard sound. I felt the air bend and move the tree’s of the earth. The grass and thorns which torn my skin and caused my blood to fall. They all, were more then I had ever known.

I found cities and dwellings. There I asked all I could in the way I knew of my family. Of my friend. Some could remember, but others didn’t know. I would go until I could ask no more, then leaving to find another resting site – The quest remained.

For a unknown time, I walked. The time had found me and the rays of the stars here aged me. I found that when I awoke this day, I couldn’t move my legs nor feet. I couldn’t stand to see what would greet me. My goal and mission was not yet complete. There was more for me to see, more for me to know. I hadn’t found him. Nor known what was done to the light he wielded.

Lastly, when my mind turned to Sun, and I neared the door to leave. I found a cool hand upon my knee. I couldn’t open my eyes, but I felt the light inside. It was He. My Friend. My Family.

“Are the first words you will say to me, be “Goodbye” my friend? ” he spoke

I felt the world shake and my body break as these words found me. He was here! It hadn’t been for nigh. The eyes that failed, saw. The hands that shook, were still. The heart the failed, thummed to a song long thought gone.

When I opened my eyes next, I was gone from the world I had known, born now back into the place I had once feared. Here to tell a story, to tell you of what I have learned, of what I have seen. To say that the story isn’t over, but that it’s just begun.

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