Eat like a Hippie

I may not be one to jump on the thought of changing my diet radically or taking on any of the latest health trends, but there has been one change that we have been able to incorporate over the last 5 years that has provided more benefit to us personally over any other that has crossed our table.

It’s simple. Eat Natural and Normal.

What I mean by this is when you are eating, look at the ingredients and place focus on understanding what they are and how they are created. If you see a chemical or a variant of a known ingredient, do your research to understand what it is. Next, eat a normal amount of food relative to your body and your lifestyle.

We are all different and need different things to create balance within our systems. Our personal choices towards what we eat, will directly affect what we are able to do; how we think, and how our bodies can recover from the accidental or unavoidable encounters with the complex components found in processed foods, and processed thoughts.

Lets clarify on somethings real quick; When I say “Processed Foods” I’m not inherently referencing GMO’s or Fried, Sugary foods but often those can fall into this category. Processed foods as we are defining here, is how we at the HippieQueen culinary studio reference any edible aspect to our meals or day that has been infused with chemicals that are inorganic at their core. See, sugar is a good thing. Fat is a good thing. Proteins that are found in meat and eggs, in plants and mushrooms are a good thing! What isn’t the best, or is arguably the worst – is when people add in things that have been modified to taste to natural but aren’t.

Processed thoughts are those thoughts and idea’s that we have because we have been programmed over our life to associate emotions with objects. I feel this way, so I get this thing and do this thing. I feel anxious, so I smoke a cigarette. I feel bad about my image, I go eat food or counterly don’t eat food.

Your body has a series of filters, systems and processes within it to handle sugar, store and break down fat, move salt and water. These are like your car and it’s varying fluids, gears, and mechanism that make it work the way we need it to.

Your mind similarly has these filters but towards your mental health and emotional operation. How are handling change, and stress? How well can you problem solve or use logic is answer a issue at hand? These are examples of the mental versions of the filters that stand in the way of what makes it into you and what is able to leave you.

Now running with this analogy, we can ask – “What do you think would happen to your car if you put the wrong kind of gas in it?” There is the actual answer to be found with a quick google or a click, however it’s easy here to assume correctly that the car or vehicle won’t operate the same, certainly not for long and if we continue to operate it in this manner, it will break.

When you are eating foods that are made up of these chemicals, it’s like taking in part of a good thing. Your body is able to take in the molecule, because it looks like, smells like, and fucks like a sugar. However because that thing that just made it past your bodies natural “TSA” agents of intake, it’s now going to go straight to the heart of wherever your body needs it the most. Sometimes this is the fat stores of our body. Other times, it’s the dopamine receptors in the brain, or anywhere else that would follow. Next thing you know, that thing you ate or took in will die. It will serve it’s purpose as energy or whatever it was intended to and need to then be promptly cleansed from the body as all dead things are. This time however, your body can’t get it all. When the little dudes who clean up our messes try to take that modified sugar out of your fat stores, it can’t get it all and leaves a little bit. This happens over and over until you have functions and parts of your body that can’t work as you need them do. They are all bogged down with crap.

TLDR version of this all, boils down the fact that you are an animal. An living natural thing. You should be eating and ingesting the equivalent amount of natural chemicals, proteins, and sustenance from a balanced place in nature, not a factory. When you body has natural energy, it can release it all as it needs, smoothly and without pain or distress to you. If you give it a bunch of fake shit and plastic, then it will have to work harder to remove it. Over time that process will wear down and your ability to recover from this ingestion will go away.

We have proven to ourselves, and our family that to make this choice for natural and normal isn’t a choice against flavor, or food. That we are still able to eat what we want, just better. We’ve learned how to re-create any of the foods that we miss from the land of the bad and fast with much enjoyment. So that now, when I want a BigMac or a Freddy’s burger, I can make it myself and far superior. My body loves it and doesn’t punish me for it. All because it’s made out of natural ingredients, verse fake.

If they (fast food america and all other bad yumminess) are able to make it, then so are we! We will be working to release our recipes and lifestyle changes actively as we have them here and on our related sites so you can always have a tasty recipe to enjoy guilt free and HippieQueen approved!

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