Hippie Healing

A Hippie Queen healing is a funny thing. It’s beautiful like a fresh fallen rain and simple as a hot cup of tea on a cold winters day. We are royalty for sure, be it in mind alone or title to some, so you must surely know that we are dressed for the best – wherever we go. The best is simple, just well-pressed. Others tell of a different road. They prefer the solid sold science of refinement and the separation of the natural and by it’s name for the profane game of building fame over the alpha main brain driven through delta waves to the path and place of Mothers Natures good grace. There are far more then two sides to this road of healing and health. There is the body and the brain. An infinite number of intangible connections, cords, and relationships of the formed and formless all exist within you. Each a road that many and much can travel upon. You will not be the only to use these paths and yet no other will know them as the individual upon them. Their directions and vibrations all indications of the inflammations and temptations bound into the symptoms sewn by focus of a wandering mental master.

Healing lies in comfort. Hidden somewhere between the laughter of a joke told a thousand times, and the well timed moment of silence after the heat of a dance. Life moves so fast that it’s easy to miss something simple. First you must listen. This is absolutely key. For there is magick in hearing. Comfort in the truth. Power in the peace of reception. We stop all we are doing. We take off the crown, gown, and we power our perception to see what is before us. Remove the bias and regality to your words and sit as a friend on the grass under shade of a friendly day. Feel where they linger and why they wait. Look to how they watch, and why their hearts will flutter or stop. Tell them back in kind soft words what they have shared with you. Give back a piece of the portion with a sweet sour sample of the wisdom you wish you be wanted.

The mind is bound in Logic. By Reason it rights all wrongs and halts the sovereign songs of self praise if deemed in vain or inane. It’s habits and patterns stitch the world as we see it. When the mind is troubled, look to wind yourself away from the complicated and complex. Rest in simple states, with simple food, to survive again. Slow the extraneous and lie focus in the breath. In and Out. Inhalar, exhalar.

The body is driven by steam. Pressure and controlled release will form the functions of it’s divine machinations. We are always called to move in order to persist that stillness of body leaves calcination of concentration. An inability to shift in the ever changing phase of our realm will pull weight in uneven ways over the flesh and it’s fodder. Movement makes motion. Motion persists through the base line of reality to invigorate the lowest of ourselves to support the highest driving thought.

The secret lies here in pushing the pattern. We must find the stagnant forms that have set into the joints and rivers of the body and cause them to be moved and changed over time through positive affirmation and supportive actions continually in a manner most comfortable to the soul seal in the self we’ve come to help. Whether we know or we feel, we have power to heal.

The Hippie Queen way tell us that our health is the wealth of our kingdom and the length to our reign. Should we cease to follow the winds and wait with all passing rains, the pains will linger and remain. So we in true stolen fashion loose the reigns of our steads and move to the way of Nature say. We trust that which has come before us where is grows from the ground, the vine, bush or stead and we look to our minds. To their power of reason and logic. To call forth from the formless the formed. To take the silent buried seed and set it free. Often the ground is rough and the garden disheveled. We are gardeners and guides. We are pruners and keepers of the vines which are clinging to dying building and concrete scenes of days we didn’t know we would would make it through. Use your blades well. To rend the giants that have blocked out the light to see what is before us. Give the path and it’s way to the clouds, the birds, the beasts of the air and see, to the silent and unseen. All that you do, give it to All that you are. There let go of what you see and trust what will be. Breath and let the light be found in all of your self and soul.

This is the Hippie Healing way….

Truth ~ Peace ~ Love

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