Joy ~ Terror ~ Peace

One day, a spec of light was formed. Cast out of the Heaven into the universe. Her name was Joy. Man loved her, desired her, wanted her every waking moment. She wanted to give herself unto them, because there was so much of her. However, Man turned her away. Desiring her, but looking the other way any time she reached out. Man resisted Joy. Instead, they turned to Terror.

Terror was casted from the depths of Hades. He was not Evil. Just exactly who he was meant to be. Terror loved Man just as much as Joy. However, he didn’t want Man to look at him. For he was afraid to frighten them. But Man always turned to him. Worshiped him from the unknown. They loved the dark, and the mysterious. Man loved Terror just as much as Joy. However, they denied their love for him. Blaming him, torturing him, but at the same time, always wanting to be next to him. Not for the reason Terror wanted them too, but because Man loved putting the blame on him. Man “can do no wrong.” Only Terror can do so.

Terror and Joy met. Within the first look, they both loved each other; Wanted to be close to each other at every moment. However when man spoke, they never saw these two together. They believe they were separate. Terror and Joy loved Man soo much, they followed their wishes. They stayed apart. As time went on, Joy and Terror struggled to be apart. For they knew one would not be without the other.

They would meet in secret. In quiet moments stolen throughout the world. At Dusk and at Dawn. They would enjoy to be around each other, but lived in dread of the consequences of Man’s ignorance. Of the power of their thought. Chaos. Destruction.

Their secret was guarded and kept by few. By those whose who had carried the flame they shared. They knew that the love between Terror and Joy was beyond their reach. That they were Celestials. Not Human. They were formed from the depths and stars, not of the Earth and water. Some Men knew, that they had no right to betray this secret. For it was powerful and lend life to those who were near it. So they kept silent. It worked for so long. Until…Peace came along. She was fierce. Kind. Stubborn. And all around Grey. Peace came from a place that Joy and Terror had not come from. She came from a place, that was before time. When everything was still. Quiet. And peaceful.

Before the light took it’s first breath, and before the darkness reached it’s full depth. Peace came to Joy and Terror and told them that were beautiful together and that things needed to change. Man needed to know about them. Man needed to see their depths, together, however it would change their everything. Joy and Terror did not wish to upset Man. They loved Man, and did not want to hurt them.

Peace looked at them and said, it is not about what Man wants, it’s about what they need. Peace, looked to Joy and said, “Do you want Man to keep ignoring you?”

Joy said, “No. I wish they would look at me, and feel what I feel. So they too, can experience this feeling.”

Peace looked to Terror and said, “Do you want Man to keep blaming you?”

Terror said, “No. I want them to see me, but not be afraid. To know, that I mean no harm, just truth.”

Peace returned patiently “Okay. Then you have to tell them that you two are not what you seem. That you two can not exist with out the other one.”

Terror looked at Peace and said, “What if Man fails to see the truth? What if they turn completely against Joy? What if they don’t change?”

Peace, smiled. “Then they are not worthy of You. They will be cast away from you both, and will be forced to live numb, until another cycle continues in their favor. If Man chooses to see the truth, then I will bring them Peace.”

“Then they are not worthy of You. They will be cast away from you both, and will be forced to live numb, until another cycle continues in their favor. If Man chooses to see the truth, then I will bring them Peace.”

Joy and Terror nodded slowly. They were going to tell Man.

On this day, a storm arrives. Bringing strong winds, heavy rain, and lightning that filled up the sky. Man begged Terror to stop.

Terror says, “I mustn’t. For you need Joy.”

Man looked to the sky with pain and tears in their eyes. They begged for Joy. “Joy please make this storm stop!”

Joy smiled and said “I mustn’t. For you need to see the joy in this storm.” Positioning herself in the center of the storm, she rose above them.

Man looks up, They speak to her and ask “How can we find joy in all this terror!?”

Joy said, “By looking at me. See me, and see I have no fear in this storm.”

Man looked, truly saw, and was instantly calmed. The storm stopped. A triple rainbow filled up in the sky. They were amazed and filled with tremendous joy.

Terror then appears, and Man seizes him fast. Binding him down and demanding in force “How dare you cause such a storm!? Why would you ever do such a thing to terrorize us?”

Terror looked to Man and said “Do not blame me. Blame yourself for not finding Joy in the storm. Blame yourself for not seeing what this storm brings.”

Man looked to Terror and said, “What exactly did it bring besides destruction?”

Terror retorted, “Look around. The rainbows in the sky. The green light and inner shine in those which were about to die. Look at river as it flows with water. Tears the earth away deeper. Giving riches and stones. Water that you have begged for. Your houses can be mended. You can now rest easy and enjoy that the heat is not beating on you for the first time in weeks. All these things are true as now as they were in your strife.”

Man became quiet. They looked to Terror. They looked to Joy. And once they saw, that one can not be without the other. That night, Peace came to Man. Man was filled with Joy and entrusted to Terror. Freed now from chaos. It was only fear if they let it be that. From this point forward, Joy and Terror were called Life and Peace became the Light.

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