He was a Gypsy that I loved..

Ever since I was 13 and was obsessed with kung fu dramas full of drunken monkeys and stoicism, I have wanted to taste the world and drink it for all its worth. 

It will remain an absolutely insatiable thirst until I set foot on foreign territory, and definitely not at the behest of Carnival Cruises for a short 8-hour period during a Caribbean excursion. No, I want to see the width and breadth and beauty of my home country during a coast-to-coast trip involving planes, trains and automobiles. I will be a silk-wrapped shrouded, beautiful entity strolling down Hollywood Blvd. I will fall deeply in love on the gilded beaches at Mykonos. I will taste delightful, smoked meat in the home of a kind Sri Lankan I met at a bar during a chance encounter. 

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Even in spite of the challenges that the world seeks to throw at our hopes and dreams, including humanity simply getting in its own way, we should always seek to go beyond perimeters and never declare what’s possible. The Universe, All Creation itself will never limit the ways that we are blessed, if we simply allow it to be. Why should we limit ourselves, especially with fear that doesn’t serve, or with greed: hoarding resources in order to prepare for some end that no one can declare with infallibility? Why should we wait around for things to get “worse” before we decide they will be better?

I’ve often thought about backpacking across Europe, staying with friends overseas as I’m allowed, taking a chance on a leap of faith and for the Universe to always show me the way and keep me wrapped in Love. I’ve also thought about converting a van or a school bus into a mobile  living space (a “schoolie” if you’ve never heard of it), locking down a good RV, a teardrop trailer, and on and on and on. The gypsy life is definitely speaking to me, and I have my own demons in the form of creature comforts that help numb unresolved issues, and fear of the unknown; of being at the depth of solitude in places that may be completely unfamiliar. 

However, fear is allowed only as much sovereignty as we give it, and it has none here if it does not serve. 

The transient lifestyle is very appealing to so many people, due in part to the freedom that it can afford. Rather than living a life committed almost entirely to helping unknown, faceless people that don’t give a shit about me realize their dreams and keeping them disgustingly rich, I’m going to reach an indelible hand into the depth of Fear, and collect my own dreams in spite of it. 

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So. This is a call to action for all of my dreamers, drifters, hopers, lovers, givers, hippies, queens, witches, bad bitches, the brave, the bold and the misunderstood. If you have a dream, never limit it. Love yourself in the same way that those closest to your soul do. Free your mind and by this *word*, live your gypsy dreams. 

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