What are we made of?

If you think you know the answer, turn around, think again. 

Depending upon your school of thought, all things that exist — you, me, the whole earth, every star you’ve ever seen, every song you will ever hear — each carry a portent of the Prime Consciousness within it. If it is, so it is a part of the All, and therefore it has a purpose, and a portent of reality to which it is ascribed in order to serve. This is the way by which the All is to experience Herself. We as people are imbued with a particular (though certainly not the only occurrence, again depending upon your school of thought) level of conscious awareness due to rising complexity. We as wielders of light and stewards of soul are charged with protecting our home and hearth as best we can. Even if the pervading masses may work against that very aim, we each are responsible for our portent of reality. Gods do not swim in the current with the trout. They are the current and the waves and the rocks and the trout. More often than not, they are the authors, not the main characters.

My point is, in our unique ways and paths, we each preside over our world and take our seats as the lords of cycle and change in our lives. In that respect, how we treat our kingdoms is how that treatment will be reflected throughout the world. Your thoughts and behaviors and patterns permeate throughout all creation. They do not touch only you, even if you may think so. Poseidon waves a hand and raises the tides from the deepest abyss. Oxala throws his cowrie shells upon the sands of the very first created thought and seas of time. As you move throughout your life, appeal to your own imagination and sense of child-like wonder. See how your laughter causes the sun to shine brighter. Your walk through the meadow causes flowers to grow with each step. 

See how your light is truly one-of-a-kind, and absolutely vital to every cycle that you are a part of. Which god are you? Do you preside over pain and suffering? Do you wield lightning and an unruly cock? Do you bring Death? Your perception is a cross section of reality, a piece of the puzzle which would be incomplete without it. Can you imagine a world without wisdom? 

Each time you wake, declare your space and own your sovereignty. You are immaculate, sovereign and prolific. Recognize that you are indeed divine, and know that you are the only one to fill your holy seat. 

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