The Hippies Bag

Brave of you to enter into a hippies bag without warning. What you may find is guaranteed to be of value. You’ve already started trifling through, we might as well go ahead and pull it all out and see what we have…

Let’s see here – Looks like a hand colored picture, probably from a child by the looks of it. A small pocket knife, opal handled aside a flask, a pen, and a worn leather book. Clothing of soft, but well used material dresses your hand as you reach deeper.

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There is a warm blanket, stitched with care. A jewel hidden there. Kitchen spices and wrapped in linen. A book, drifting by. Purple draped and dripping on a raining spring day, a tent is propped up, sheltering the Queen from the Hippie in the Rain. You’ve found a memory. A home.

Matches, tinder, and touch of iron flame. The blue wrapped cards, kept near the middle. We’ve found a light, a lamp, and a map. A compass wrapped in a paracord strap. Blue tarp and ties, a bundle of rope, stakes, and tape.

Small wooden pipe, with a tight lidded stash. Hidden, yet accessed. Freed, yet suppressed. Two shot glasses and some bread wrapped in hand. A touch of oil, something canned.

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At the bottom, it’s all gone. The contents described and not another thing is had. Still though, reaching down we’ve found that it is not yet empty. Reaching in expectance and need, the hippie lends with glee into that place which is known to be gone. There in the void, a hand reaches out. Gives to the palm which is turned up high that which is needed.

The Hippie wants for naught, for if all you have is nothing – than there is a lot to go around.

  • Gypsy doesn’t know what’s around the corner….
    Life is won through Good Words ~ Good Thoughts ~ Good Deeds. Anyone who tells you otherwise, is trying to sell you something 😉
  • Gypsy Law
    The Law of the Gypsy is the an unwritten rule shared between any who have the call and drive to be such a thing. For many, their is an air of mischievousnessContinue reading “Gypsy Law”
  • Our Plan
    Without going into too much detail so as to add a headache to any individual attempting to contemplate the possibility of our venture – Here is what we have got going on!Continue reading “Our Plan”
  • Blazing Star
    A part of me wants to feel bad about that, but then I look at the journey of Kabbalah, and even my own path through my life, and it just affirms that I am on a path that will eventually take me further than I ever knew was possible. Voice of doubt be damned. All paths eventually lead back to the light, so I will ever remain a blazing star of truth. 
  • Level up!
    Comfort zones are a killer, and I know continuing to avoid serving my hopes and dreams and most exalted purpose will slay me quickly, even as I grow into a Titan. So even if I do the thing for a month or even a week and I hate it, at least I did it, and that’s something to celebrate. 

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