Partial Blindness in a Digital World

DAY 4:

It’s incredible what you can accomplish when you are given room for focus and intentful creative space. 

Since choosing to significantly pull back on my media consumption (specifically YouTube videos that I love to play in the background while I work, eat or do pretty much anything), I have managed to start exercising daily, I’ve written more blog posts in the past couple of weeks than ever before, I’ve narrowed down some international destinations for when I relocate next year, I’ve made tremendous progress on a painting I’m in love with (see below), I’ve been reading more than ever (check out Bringers of Light if you’re into extraterrestrial integrative content), I’ve brushed up intensely on my Spanish thanks to Duolingo (Argentina or Spain as a next destination perhaps?), I’ve spent more quality time with the people I care for and, most importantly, I feel much more aligned overall as a person. 

Granted, I still desire to play silly Minecraft videos while I’m working just to obscure the light-speed din that prevails within my hyperactive mind. Social media I don’t miss that much at all; if you know me and care about me, you know how to reach me quickly. And frankly, I’m tired of watching other people reach their dreams while I constantly just think about achieving my own. The time of hoping has long since passed. Thoughts create, and mine are to be impeccable. 

I’ve learned that media consumption for me is a powerful addiction. It has been since I was a teenager, and felt like I was too hurt by friends and parents leaving my life that I just retreated into my own head. Too fearful to give real people and real life a chance. It was always an image, a façade that I clung to. It was easier that way. An image can’t truly hurt you. 

I’m not at all saying this has been easy. Though the huge pendulum swing of emotions that I’ve been taken through has stilled immensely. I still need to be mindful, even as I find healthy ways of integrating my favorite methods of entertainment, while still continuing my work as a content creator/Chief Marketing Officer/hippie/queen. 

I still have a bit to learn about what has motivated my behaviors and proclivities up to this point. I’m healing every day that I practice mindful, intentful living, and I don’t intend to stop. As I go, I will learn more and more. 

I say all that to say this: If you are making changes in your life to improve it for the better, then you are winning. Period. It really is those small, sometimes uncomfortable steps that lead to massive changes, my loves. 

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