Creating God

We live in a world where God has been define and declared. Where the dynamic limits and extents of the soul are seemingly known to all. Yet, many of us are still left without a sense of connection to the world around us. We are searching for anything that can create the spark of joy within us.

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When taking modern approaches to understanding the uniqueness to You, I am forced to look at how you’ve spent your time. I see that you’re very much engaged with your phone, with the internet and it’s many tendrils. When was the last time you got lost? I mean really got lost. When you went out into the world, into nature and decided that you live one day within her home.

For some, it may be the last time your parents took you there, others just last week. Some still the answer may fall from their lips, never. I have never gone out camping, nor left the comfort of the city I was born in. Regardless, there is reason to return.

We live in a world of distraction, of information and data, but of a supreme and sublime computer. One that tracks our metrics, defines our day, tell us the measure of the sun and even the length of the questions we may ask. When was the last time that you choose to do something without regard for another, nor the rules before you. Does the raven ask the breeze before taking flight?

However you may choose to answer, their is a path for you. It may be one set by your ancestors. It’s possible that the past and previous Karma you’ve called has led you into a world of confusion. With so many declaring that religion and documented way is the root of change, I would call you to embrace the idea of something new.

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What if you were to be the prophet that God called? That you awoke one day and found that an Angel of choice had come before your bed. Demanding of you, declaring to you that the world was waiting to hear your world. What would that word be? How would you be create the world in your image bound by the the extent of your ability to act, verses how another may call you to?

Each and everyday, you will, your mind, body, and heart are called together in balance to sustain the very form that is titled, You. So many that are without, that exist not inside your mind, but to be as a force of reflection of it, will tell you how they see the world and expect you, as their God, to understand it in their way. Sometimes, you will smile and know that they are close and clear in approaching the door you’ve born, and other times, you will know the end to their days as the words so proclaimed were authored in pain.

What I would challenge you to do, is peel back the layers of who you believe in and why. Understand the aspects of yourself that you are afraid to accept are just as much a part of your divinity, your reality, and in the end – your world as all those other idea’s that have made their way into having power over you.

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