The Selves.

Is it the body? The mind? Maybe it’s some intangible thingy that was placed there by another equally vague idea.

Maybe….it’s a little bit of all three? Yeah, for our narrative here, let’s go with that.

TLDR version

You are made of three bodies.

  1. Mental Body – The Mind – The Rational or Logical Self – The Masculine – The Highest Self
  2. Physical Body – The Flesh – The Ego – The Vehicle – The Middle Self
  3. Emotional Body – The Heart – The Spirit – The Feminine – The Lower Self

Each of these versions of yourself is a part of the whole and critical to the experience that you are having here on this plane.

Each of these, just like the whole – requires stimulation, exercise, movement to say the least. Your mind must be engaged, your heart involved, and your body facilitating for that A+ experience to be had.

You aren’t going to be able to make it to the next level if you aren’t able to pass the primary pre-requisites established. So let’s check the syllabus and see what to do…

The Mind – Plain and simple on this one loves; You have to be learning, actively listening, and effectively communicating with all parts of your life. This includes people, animals, goals, and even your career. Never settle or rest with where you are. Always be pushing to be farther.

The Body – Natural and Normal. Don’t overthink this. You stomach is as big as your hand. You need water, first and foremost. Next, you need a moderate amount of natural food in it’s original (or as close as you can get) state, with a small amount of salt and some bread, or a starch. Quality over quantity multiplied by mindfulness can transmute a little, into a lot if used effectively.

The Spirit – You have to have adventure and excitement driven by purposeful action in your life to invoke your spirit into it’s proper place. However you attain that is up to you. Some people travel the world, others delve into the depths of themselves, while still a few find it at birth. Look to what moves your heart and makes you become passionate in life.

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