The Keys of the King

One piece of advice that will free your mind from worry and your spirit from being snuffed out is as follows: never ever take what other people do personally. 

These really are the keys to the kingdom of Solomon. To be wise is to recognize that the motivations and intentions of others are bound only within themselves, and they are not bound to you. Consider how often you may care so much about what other people think about you. Have you ever wondered why it even matters to begin with? People are concerned primarily, and sometimes exclusively, with themselves and nothing more. With that in mind, how do you approach feelings like rejection, envy, or shame? These are some evil, slimy bitches that can steal your light should you drop your guard. 

If you shoot your shot with someone, and it doesn’t work out, a part of you that’s really very young and still quite hurt may wonder: “What the fuck’s wrong with me? Why wasn’t I good enough for this?” Even if “this” is just a figment of your imagination. Even if this idealized version of what could be may not be the way you expected. You need to understand that those sick feelings in your gut about being “good enough” have absolutely nothing to do with the other person or people that you believe rejected you. Just as their lack of desire for you, for whatever reason, has nothing to do with you. 

Maybe you want to express yourself in ways that you fear most other people may not understand, and maybe you fear for your safety. That is understandable. You need only recognize that their judgement cannot touch you. See where your soul contracts have indicated moments to teach you through difficulty. We all have them, at every conscious moment of our lives. Mind your space and always be safe, and know that your thoughts can create safe spaces where you can be free. 

When you are motivated entirely by love of your entire being, inside and out, and when you can be fully present and realize that everything else is an illusion, you are free from grief and grudges. Integrate the parts of you that hurt and crave and need. Listen to them. They have just as much to teach you as the moments of joy do. Hurting is okay, feeling down is okay. But look up. 

Love yourself as all of creation loves you. You are never alone. You are always perfectly enough. There is so much more to you than meets the eye, especially your own. 

Wake up. 

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