What I’ve learned about living in Colorado vs. Missouri


Missouri has beautiful but absolutely terrible weather compared to Colorado. Colorado hardly ever gets ice. It may snow more, but because of the sun’s intensity, it doesn’t stay long. I really enjoy the dry summers. Missouri gets so humid, that when your A/C goes out, you’re f***ed. In Colorado… Most houses, apartments, and condos don’t have any AC at all. Living without an A/C was hell though,  not gonna lie & It’s almost always sunny. About 250 days out of the year it is usually sunny. Tornadoes are not a problem here either.


Colorado has lots of job opportunities. There are all different kinds of jobs here and you can truly do almost anything. Especially with Denver right around the corner. The pay is a little bit higher than Missouri’s. Even the starting out pay. 

The housing market here is awful. The house will be put on the market and then be bought the same day. Prices are also insane. A $100,000 house in Missouri would be the equivalent to a $300-$400,000 house here in Colorado. If you wanted to live in your average, White Picket fence, green grass (which is not natural here), In a decent neighborhood, then the house would probably be about half $1 million dollars. This is why Colorado has so many impoverished neighborhoods.

That’s right, Colorado Springs is not a safe place to live. Denver is also not a safe place to live. Unless, you live in a half $1 million neighborhood or stay away from their downtown’s. On the plus side, Colorado has mountain views. Renting is also impossible. Finding a place to rent in Colorado is extremely hard. In Missouri, if you were looking to Rent a three bedroom two bathroom house it could probably be about $800-$1000. If you are looking to rent a three bedroom two bathroom house and you’re looking to pay anywhere from $1800 to $2600. Not to mention that house could probably be on the market for at least two weeks if not to a month in Missouri. In Colorado that listing will be put down the very next day. Our house that we have currently wasn’t even on the market for a full 24 hours, before we were signing a lease.

Overall, it is so much easier to live in Missouri than Colorado. 


There are so many diverse restaurants here in Colorado, it is insane. Within 10 miles of your house you can find almost any type of food that you are looking for. The Chinese food I grew up with in Missouri is not the same Chinese food here in Colorado. I can find a lot more authenticity from the Colorado restaurants than I can in Missouri. Vegan fast food restaurants are even a popular thing here in Colorado.

The People

Both have meth heads. 😂 no seriously though, The people here in Colorado are rough. There are genuine gangs all over Colorado Springs. And a lot in Denver. And a lot in Pueblo. When we first moved here we had tally marks on our fridge from hearing gunshots. We ended up losing count before we moved out six months later. 

Everyone talks about how awful Missouri drivers are. But have they seen a Colorado driver? “The limit does not exist” here in Colorado. Drivers love to speed, hit people with their vehicles, and manage to swerve anyone off the road. Do not drive the speed limit here in Colorado otherwise you will be hit. Thank God it is nothing like Dallas though. Dallas definitely has the worst traffic that I have ever driven through. Hospitality is not really a thing here in Colorado either. Unless you know the person or they are from a different state. 

Dog lovers live in Colorado. For some reason this is where it gets weird. It is absolutely impossible to find an apartment that will let you sign a lease with a pet. However you can go to a restaurant with a pet, you can go to the grocery store with a pet, you can take your dogs to many places, but they just don’t allow them in apartments. When we try to move here, finding a place for a little pup is almost impossible. Thank God we were able to find a place.


Don’t get me wrong Colorado is beautiful, however I miss green grass without thorns and lush trees. Other than that Colorado definitely got Missouri beat. There is nothing like watching an afternoon storm roll over the mountains, and as you watch the rain head towards you. It’s nice going into the woods and not having to worry about as many ticks, spiders, and mosquitoes. Don’t get me wrong, they do exist here. However, Missouri has a lot more. Fire ants though in Colorado are a major downside. Did you know that fire ants can eat through concrete and brick? I didn’t until I moved here LOL. Also, those cacti though. No go. 

Here are some random facts. 

In Colorado, you have to pay to camp anywhere. And I mean anywhere. There is no Freeland available to just camp. Unless, you do it secretly and no one knows you’re there. But park rangers are a major thing here. And they are hard a**es. Especially during hunting season. 

In Colorado, it is almost impossible to find a body of water that you can go swimming in for free. There are a few reservoirs in the state that you can find, and go swimming in, but they are usually very rigid, and very hidden. They are not usually kid friendly. Meanwhile, in Missouri you can find any body of water dirty or clean and just jump in it. 

In the cities you do not find much wildlife roaming the streets. If you leave the front range, Then you will find mousses, bears, foxes, and beer roaming on the streets.

Colorado is a desert. Anywhere you go in this state except for the north(even then) is going to be extremely dry, sandy, cactuses, and all around very much like a desert. Even in the mountains, it is a desert. There are trees, there are animals, but the land is very dry here.

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