Always Ambitious

I think the bane of the two current young adult generations is the indelible pressure we felt to complete two absolutely “vital” tasks: go to college and climb the ladder. Irrespective of whether college was truly affordable, and whether you’re of the mental state for it or not, that seemed to be the most prevailing goal set as children in school, because it paved the way for stability and security behind insulated walls with central air. 

Granted, I love learning, and I don’t regret a single step I’ve taken on my journey up to this point. Not even the decisions I made that affected me horribly, like getting into inhalants and looking for love in all the wrong places. We all respond to pain and anxiety and overstimulation in very different ways. But ideas about conventional education, modes of living and what security really looks like have changed for me over the years in ways that will probably only grow more… radical.

At one point in my life, I really, really wanted to be editor of Vogue Magazine living in a beachfront villa with 100 revenue streams and the ability to have whatever I wanted from speedo-clad concierges with a snap. I was even willing to settle for climbing to the corporate level at a call center. For so many people, the only lives they’ve ever known involve working the majority of their lives at jobs they don’t care about, helping someone that doesn’t care about them catch their dreams, just to be able to afford more fun distractions that keep them from realizing their own

These days, after I began to learn that having a fulfilling life can look different than what we see all over Instagram, I started to open my eyes to how I can create my own brand and identity irrespective of what others expect.

It’s intimidating and confusing sometimes, isn’t it? There are these shining people all over Instagram that promise to guide us towards living a 24/7 vacation. Maybe my desire to be successful (no matter what that looks like at any given moment) needs to be brought back into balance with my level of discipline.

That’s my intent with stepping away from excessive distraction. I’m always growing in mind, body and soul. All four sides of my shape need to be attuned to light and being balanced in my mental state, my emotions, my body and health and my spirit. Everything I’ve looked for in college or work or anything really, I can find inside. So can you, most importantly. There were caverns full of starving, hungry versions of me that can now finally see clearly. It’s great to be passionate about many things, and now I’m seeing ways to support myself and my existence as I need it that are driven by those passions, rather than by the social cues I can throw up that will be obsolete by next year. 

Everything else will follow. 

One thought on “Always Ambitious

  1. Profound and enlightening… so many choices and still your “final” choice is still your most present choice. Live freely.
    Thank you for truly giving of yourself


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