Just Imagine

One of the greatest gifts that we could ever conceive of is given to us while we are still children: imagination. This gift allows us to explore worlds that inspire us and move our hearts in ways we never expected. 

Be it a pivotal scene in your favorite video game that brought you to tears, or joining a fandom that changed your life forever, we integrate them all together into a brand new world that is entirely our own. 

Looking back, those are the times during which I felt the most free. I still enjoy that freedom to this day, and it adds richness beyond measure to our lives when walking around the block turns into crossing the Elysian fields over which we preside. Your mind creates your world, and when it is allowed to paint a new picture that is fantastical that your fantasies become reality. 

I would highly suggest that you never let your desires be limited. Your body is often constrained to only three dimensions, but your soul can go beyond perimeters on a whim. Your mind can reach from one end of all spacetime to the other in less than a moment. Your emotions can reach the treacherous depths of the deepest caverns in the sea where no life exists as you would recognize it. 

There’s a presumption that as we get older, we lose our imagination as we drift further from the Prime Creator until we reach the end of our lives and grow closer to all things again. I would say that we should be compelled to sharpen our imagination and focus on how we can make our lives more fantastical. 

Who are you, really? What realm do you preside over? What is your tool and weapon? What is your calling?

Live your main character fantasy. Better yet, be the author: remain intangible, still immersed in your beautiful world, yet empowered to change it as you see fit. 

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