The Sea of Stars

When I sit and really consider the marvel that is my mind, and the vast, unending pantheon of multiverses that it encompasses, I am always left in awe. 

Your mind, and therefore your extended existence, is just as vast, if not more so. After all, your understanding of your own sense of multi-dimensionality is far more extensive than your perception of mine. Yet they miraculously both end up in the same place.

 We each uniquely hold a key that allows access to our spirit, and when we connect with spirit, we are tapping into a realm of existence where there is no time, there is no doubt, only everything you could ever hope for. It’s not a place you go to on Earth (although some locations can amplify your experience), and it is not the person that you love so much that it hurts. 

All of this sounds very nice, I’m sure, but what spirit looks and feels like depends entirely on you. That is the whole purpose of training your mind and brain to be as expansive as the sea of stars. Your mind is the stand-in for the rest of the cosmos, and think of how little our scientists’ understand what is truly out there. The universe stretches into eternity. What life can survive the expanse? The same goes for your mind.

The logical mind is a fabulous tool, but it cannot be your master alone. You absolutely, 100% NEED your emotions. There is no cheating this, or you will remain in the same cycle of victimhood as everyone else. The mind is the genesis of your physical reality, but if you are too emotionally compacted, and thereby finding it difficult to convene with your spirit, what your mind creates will be limited and bound to physicality, which again is not even remotely the totality of your existence. 

It truly cannot be emphasized enough: you are not a physical being. Training your brain to truly grasp this is vital to realizing your highest potential. What your highest potential is, again, depends on you and what you are called to do. No one is asking you to ditch red meat, break your iPhone and start hosting silent retreats in Pasadena. You are simply being asked to understand yourself, in all aspects, not just the rational mind that humanity has been relying upon for so long. Let yourself feel without judgement, even if it hurts. Be your own salvation. 

Sit in silence and be alone for a time. Let yourself feel without attaching your ego to your feelings. Be consciously aware of yourself, your thoughts and your actions as much as you can, because the hold tremendous potential energy and power. 

Literally, the moment you decide to focus on being your best self is the moment that your life will submit to that will, and see that it happens. And it is so worth it. 

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