Tale of The Cinders Three

Since the very beginning, we have lived forever. 

Our bodies know no time, our stories are never lost, for no one leaves this realm to cause them to become forgotten. Our ancestors knew that to afford such longevity, tremendous sacrifice was required. It always is when forever is the bequest of Mother and Father. 

Abrin, the First Sovereign, the Forever-Just, built the first kingdom and established the infrastructure by the shores of the great endless sea. The city is formed about the very structure in which we sit, son: the great tower Augusta, which reaches to the top of all creation, where all time can be seen. Abrin was the very first one, the one which received the Word, and cast his very shadow into the sea. Shadows may not exist in form, only in reflection, so the shadow was unable to escape the treachery of the Sea and Her wrath. 

Abrin told his closest circle, the fathers of your peers and their fathers, that in order to persist, each king must cast his shadow upon the sea in order to preserve the longevity of the people, though each king would meet his end within a decade of venturing to the sea. 

Abrin told his people that the Word dictates that doing so for every generation would bring about an enlightenment of the soul. No one knew what this meant, but they dared not disobey the First King. 

He told his people this: 

“When a flash of crimson is known to the holy place,

When the earth cries tears that reach the stars, 

When the radiant garden blooms in the dawn of day,

So shall the Three Stars fall upon the shores.”

Again, no one knew what he truly meant by this. He just said all would finally be made illuminated. But when he awoke in the middle of the night to a thunderstorm one day, and carried his darkness to the sea, he was never the same, but was always great. He began our quest for everlasting light. Bless his name.

Little did he know that millennia after his passing, a bolt of red lightning would strike an acacia tree, and you would enter this world, and be that light that would help save it. 

This path is lonely, son. You know this. The waking world of mortals does not know our laws, but they are still constrained by them. Augusta is home to so many, yet they have never left and do not know the world outside of it. 

You will walk alone. You are a beacon of the light, but you must remember: it is not about you. You wield infinite light, and you hold the key to any kingdom you may find. 

But this is about all of them. Not us. Remember that. 

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