The Thief within the Heart

On a certain level, for better or worse we have all compared ourselves to those closest to us, those we admire from afar, and even those we despise. 

“It’s a way to measure our progress, and help us reconcile our own existence, otherwise it would be very lonely. To see our family and friends and strangers go through shit, arrive, thrive and live what we see of their lives is to look for ourselves in them. “

One of our greatest gifts as people is our ability to uniquely journey into the collective unconscious, should we choose to, and understand that the only authority on this planet we succumb to is our own. You are the center of your universe, just as each and every celestial body in space is the center, as that is their perspective. 

Trust and believe that you only see a tiny portion of the life journey of other people. Especially with people you don’t truly know as family or lover, you primarily only see only what they want you to see. That’s not a bad thing, that’s just how it is. Our perspectives are inherently limited, unless you have eyes with which to see. 

The point is, comparison is the thief of your joy. It will reduce your flame to a flicker if you let it. Know that you are wholly and perfectly made, and your light is just as precious as any other. 

To be special doesn’t mean you have to look a certain way or have lived a privileged life. It just means that you are brave enough to love yourself and see yourself as that golden standard. 

Recognizing your sovereignty means you will accept parts of you that aren’t pretty at first sight. Your rage, your malice, your lust, your numerous other forms that have names you may not even know. You accept them and you love them, just as you love your smile and your compassion. Accepting those parts of you means giving them purpose, and something that will ultimately serve you. Doesn’t mean you allow yourself to go off the rails, but you are able to feel what you feel and be where you are without judgement and without repression or lack of empathy. 

Long story short, don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on your own journey, because it’s the one that no one else can tread. 

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