Threads of Fate

I would consider myself a serial optimist. I can see the good in almost anyone, and will always be compassionate about protecting innocence within myself and within others. Innocence and light are gifts from childhood, and it’s important we hold onto them, even as adults. 

So much of this world could simply suck it away from us, and quite often, it does, and mostly because there are things out there that love to eat grief and complacency. But that innocence is a direct line to God, and it is immutable. 

You can always call your light back back and enjoy your life like you did when you were a kid by simply embodying compassion and being open to your spirit. Diving into that Unified Field and knowing who you are. How you feed your spirit is up to you, but it will be seamless when you start to nurture it, and you will be in total bliss. 

Sometimes we need to remember discipline as well. When we make covenants with ourselves, remember that the ego can be sly and slither into the cracks of your temple. We need the ego, but the ego also needs to be subdued. Your ego loves to be a victim (even if it’s for good reason), try to satiate insatiable hunger, pick at old wounds and remain fettered by grief and grudges. That part of us also needs love. When that happens, the voice of doubt from the rational mind speaks too loudly. 

I love to love, but I am also a warrior. In battle, the shogun must be ready to cleave a foe with a wicked blow at a moment’s notice. As living Source incarnate, we are called to compassion for each other and ourselves. I am living compassion, but I am also Mercy. Mercy is not always kind. It rarely ever is, as the subtle blade of righteous death when called upon gilded wings. 

So as you live your life, walk into every single space as if God put you there. Be compassionate enough to yourself to create a safe space of expression and confidence, and be a kid again. Remember discipline when you circle back to doubt or unkindness. 

Be the change you want to see, and the universe will stitch a future with a thread of fate that will be your Eden. 

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