Living Differently

When we wake up or go to sleep, we are entering into entirely new realities from those that we last recalled.

Today is bound in a beauty that doesn’t belong to the idea of the previous. Each day is has the same opportunity as the last, but only you can realize that.

When we woke up one day, we looked around our world and saw that it was dark. The day was fading and it wasn’t long before the storms would come. We had no home nor place to reside. Watching and waiting for the unique opportunity to present itself, there arose a moment when the stars parted and called us again from the depths of a world that we had to leave.

We saw that so much had changed; Somethings for the better and others for the chance to be better. Our cities had long fallen, but the legacy of their intentions was still ripe and ready to be enjoyed. Wide and full were the fruits we found.

When our minds settled, we saw that the road that was once very well known. Had now long become overgrown. Turning our time and raising our minds we lifted the veil, calling the chariot from it’s place of rest. It came and we boarded with bounties to return to our home.

The world wheeled beneath our feat as our minds rose the mountains and settled upon the valley. The forms made were liken to all the others. Their hearts beating twice, the eyes seeing what their words would proclaim, but these their mission shall be different. Liken more to the Sun and less to the earth which ensnared it.

“Lift your feet and tend your souls my Children, the road home is to be found by paced chased of the eternal sunset. Turn your eyes inward to your mind and let the beauty of your focus been seen in the now and not away from what is”

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