Heir of Fyre

Consider what it means to truly live in the moment. 

On a nearly constant basis, I found that when I was unable to stop singing the songs of the past, or when I was so caught up in an indefinite future, I sacrificed my sovereignty to intangibles that either didn’t exist, or were very far behind me. It made it extremely difficult to truly appreciate the singular beauty of right now; my energy went to the cosmic horizon and back, when it could have been invested in creating the most sublime right now. 

I would also ask you to think about light and how it moves. How we receive it from the sun.. It’s dynamic, it experiences all time and all possible moments at once. It exists in more than one dimension at a time as a wave and a particle. It’s the fastest moving, most pure form of energy and only ever knows right now. 

As you receive the light, and allow yourself to change at the behest of your exalted self, you may begin to understand the magnitude of this very moment you are in, sitting where you are, reading these words. You are ever in a state of transition, this moment is always transforming into something different. More is added to it via experience, and that moment, this moment, is the means by which God knows his own Love by experiencing it through you. Would you squander such a moment with fetters of grief and grudges?

Light gives life. Light can heal. Light can burn. The more you receive word, guidance and discipline from your most authentic self, the more you bask in it and let it transform you in the best of ways. It may not always be love and light, or feel good like that slow stroke, but it will always be for your best, even if you don’t realize it at the moment. 

The deep has much to teach us, always. Our shadow is the silent, hidden, unconditionally loving realm full of deep-sea caverns, where our neglected selves remain true and ever-present. Navigating the shadow means letting yourself feel, in spite of light and the doubt of rationality. The mind can only carry you so far, for intuition requires the heart. 

The dark knows no time. She knows acceptance and the peace of death, which is the transformation of all transformation. She is unconcerned with the anxieties of the future, for She is now, and She always is. 

Quiet your mind and uplift your heart. Unite them, as you would unite your past and your future, so that you are moved by intuition: your present, your right now. Live for now, and you will truly hear the song of You. 

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