The White Rabbit

I love watching people on social media parse through the stories and struggles and journeys of others, and give their feedback on what should or shouldn’t be done. People do this, for better or worse, whether they are being supportive or otherwise. It reveals so much of our own journey when we consider how we judge that of others. Especially with divisive issues such as politics, medical care, spirituality, etc. Company loves misery, but it also loves celebration. 

We all love sharing our thoughts and feelings, even if the intended parties do not hear them. Comparison may be the thief of joy, but for many of us, it’s also a default setting; some people only know how to mark their progress by that of others. I think sharing our stories can be very helpful, when we are trying to lift each other up. 

Each of us has a uniquely charged existence, and some feel compelled to be the righteous right hand of merciless spiritual warfare, while others are content simply living a full, conscious life. Both are indeed valid, provided they consist of habits and practices that are supportive toward a life that is to our best interest (the requirements for which will vary). 

There is already so much mercilessness in the world, and not all of it is constructive. That’s not to say that life should be all about love and light, but that some of us struggle whilst working through our shadow and doing the real woek, which is fucking hard. Compassion can go such a long way, as can listening in order to understand, rather than simply waiting for our turn to be heard. 

Even though our challenge of one month of limited distraction came to an end about a week ago, we’ve still maintained our trajectory with mindful living. I still work out daily, I still read daily, I still meditate, I still set forth positive intentions each and every day. It’s a magickal existence, and is sovereign and secure from external repute, as is your existence. 

Habits can be so ingrained in us that we hardly notice them anymore. Habits are the silent score that drives your present into your future. Either they serve you in some way, or they don’t, and you always know the difference. 

Will you be the rabbit that conquers habit? 

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