Pure Platinum

So, I was talking on the phone with my close friend and sister within the family of light named Reigh earlier today for her birthday, and she honored me by sharing her journey towards divinity and serving her exalted self first and foremost in a way that brings her joy. 

She told me about her path of reconciling her love for creating art with using art to sustain herself monetarily. In other words, noting the distinction between a “work-life balance” and building a life for herself outside of a career, then using work as a tool to support her living her life. Aging one year along didn’t seem to affect her as dramatically as she expected, but taking gradual steps toward living authentically absolutely has. 

I relate a lot to her story. I’m sure so many of us can understand being drawn away from the beaten path of corporate ascension and living entirely for perception and reception of others. For the longest time, there really wasn’t a solid example for different ways of life, such as people living fully mobile in an RV or van, living entirely off-grid, embracing more radical changes in diet or even relationship dynamics, such as polyamory. We may have felt the call towards something different, and the Internet opens us up to an infinite number of possibilities.

The price we pay is overload. I should speak for myself and say that I at times get overwhelmed with the amount of information out there about crypto, dropshipping, print-on-demand, lifestyle mentorship and everything else under the sun that could potentially support me. I have a personality that tended to thrive on achievement, and being stuck in analysis paralysis is a situation that would put me in a state of anxiousness. What is right for me? How can I work and still be free? What do I truly want to do?

I love to write. That should answer it for me. So at this point, it’s only doubt and fear that is a concern for pursuing it with more concentration and polish. That isn’t a bad thing. We are meant to triumph. And I’m beyond grateful that I have people in my life that support me entirely, and allow me to do the same for them. 

I love and give freely, and the universe does the same for me. Now that’s what I would call building a life and then using a career as a tool to support it. 

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