Although it is a concept that exists on the fringes of spiritual and metaphysical conversations, and is mostly known to those with a casual affinity for Lemurian time sorcery, hyperstition is a new area of focus for me. In short, and hopefully I don’t bely the true intent behind the scholarly work I’ve perused on the subject, it is the transmutation of intangible works of fiction into this and other tangible realities. 

As an entity that is always enthralled by imagination and highest thought and all manner of cerebral realms, this concept speaks to me as if it were designed for me. To me, walking down the street is never just walking down the street. There is always a layer to everything I do that exists in a reality distinct from this one, where my body is constrained in many ways, but can also affect it directly, as is the case for all of us. 

Where does one reality begin and another end? Which is more real than the other when you look at those transitions? Some people don’t even believe that there are other realities. To me, it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you are on; your thoughts, and the construct that is your personality, is just as fictitious as anything any author could ever conceive of. They are ephemeral and construct your reality. That is not a bad thing, of course, it just illustrates the notion that there are multiple layers of existence, and we can interact with them freely, for better or worse. 

Whenever I go on a hike, I am summiting Mount Olympus. Whenever I am on a date, I am Eros tempting Psyche to look upon his flesh and savor it. For some people in these spaces, it’s difficult to distinguish between what is occurring in the body and mind, and how the spirit and heart are driving it. 

If one sees oneself as Neo or Morpheus, one might think one can take a flying leap off of a tall building with impunity; you’ll just bounce back up onto the roof. But if we remember: dying in the Matrix means one dies in “real life.” Those that bend the rules still recognize that there are rules to begin with, and higher structures meant to preserve the experience in the Matrix, which is required to go and live beyond it. Neo and Morpheus do not see others within the Matrix as being too “asleep” to be a part of their mission, for those still sleeping are just as real in each layer of existence as they are. 

Imagination is something sacred to me. It’s a brilliant, pure and white light that is given to us as children. I love to imagine myself in my favorite worlds: as a Keyblade wielder, as a Pokémon master, as a Gryffindor Seeker, and as a Crystal Gem (specifically White Diamond). I slip in and out of those worlds as I’m enthralled by them. 

My reality is no less fantastical. I just elect to see the magic behind every breath I take. 

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