Tomorrow is Bliss

Starting in Spring, my soul family here in Colorado and I are embarking upon new adventures and taking a chance on our exalted purpose by living on the road and embracing the way of the gypsy. 

There’s a whole hodge-podge of sensation surrounding this idea. There’s plenty of excitement about taking a shot on something entirely unfamiliar to me. There’s anxiety about going without some of my creature comforts I’ve gotten used to over 30 years of life. There’s fear of being out in the unknown without the familiarity of an address and an office to go to. Feeling so many things at once just tells me it’s a way to extend beyond my comfort zone, at least for a time. Comfort zones can be an absolute killer, it can even be a slayer of gods, so there was no hesitation when I thought about what I should be doing next. 

Two primary schools of thought are keeping my head on straight and preventing me from spiraling into anxiety: 1. I don’t intend to be on the road forever, as I require consistent change in order to satisfy a soul-need, and 2. There is no failure when you do your absolute best. 

There are so many questions I need to be able to answer. Where do I want to go next? Will I be able to do small repairs for an RV/van if I need to? What about water sources? Electricity? How will I work? I will say that one boss-ass quality I have is focusing on solutions. That can sometimes be to my detriment and cause me to over-intellectualize my emotions rather than just feeling them, but it helps a ton in this instance. Answering these questions is well within my control. Being prepared will absolutely help pave the way for this eventuality of venturing into the unknown. 

Comfort zones are like a weighted blanket. They feel so goddamn good and can help you stay warm, feel safe and protected. They can curb anxiety and will still your body so you do not move. But you are not always meant to have the blanket on you. They serve a purpose, but comfort zones are not your purpose. 

Your comfort zone is different from someone else’s, which is different from mine. The whole point is to ascend beyond the need for them. There’s a huge difference between a comfort zone and familiarity. It also helps that I am not on this journey alone, I have every spirit, guardian, guide, ancestor, angel, demon, familiar, soul seed, star child, extraterrestrial light family and present/iteration of me that will be right alongside me. My soul family Mikael and Ava are on this journey as well.

We always surround each other with love, and will continue to do so, even out in the “unknown.”

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