Level up!

Welcome to 2022, my lovely witches and bitches! 222, the rising of the new dawn, where we are moisturized, divine, happy, healthy, and thriving. We, and hopefully you, are minding our own goddamn business moving forward as we aim for a life that represents the high class of the queen, the nurturing of the hippie, and the sacred movement of the gypsy. 

This year marks some tremendous changes for my family and I, as we have decided to transition to a life that is radically divine and free in a way that few seldom get to experience. More specifically, I will be living in my car starting in spring. 

There are a number of things that flash through my head as I consider that big of a change. After 30 years of consistent comfort and commodity (although I have lived in some really shitty apartments). Thoughts rubbing from judging myself as foolish, to feeling some true fear for my safety, my shit is running a full grand prix about this change day in and out as we grow closer to takeoff in spring. What will other people think? That I’m a vagrant that needs spare change? What will my mother think? Will I stay near the city or stay out in BLM-land? What about my current job?

Many questions, much anxiety, but there is excitement and thrill marching right alongside the fear. I know deep down that a major change in my life is an absolute must, even if it’s quite temporary, which is the current plan. But you never know; I have proven quite amenable to change. 

Comfort zones are a killer, and I know continuing to avoid serving my hopes and dreams and most exalted purpose will slay me quickly, even as I grow into a Titan. So even if I do the thing for a month or even a week and I hate it, at least I did it, and that’s something to celebrate. 

Drink water. Be kind. Move your body every day. Go outside. Do the best with what you can, and you will literally live your good ending. 

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