Our Plan

Without going into too much detail so as to add a headache to any individual attempting to contemplate the possibility of our venture – Here is what we have got going on!

So over the last few months, all of the Horsemen have been working hard to prepare for a new phase of life. We all have taken unique paths to arrive here and alike are dawning roads unknown as we look to leave this kingdom which has sheltered us.

Tonight, marks just one of many moments of reflection at the distance we have traveled, of the souls we have loved and let go, of the miles that have been tread under sole of those seeking to remember the ways of the world.

Our cloth covered caravans are almost all loaded, the horses are being well fed, and the children and being given tale and story alike to teach them of the days to come.

I cannot say that this is a journey that we are leaping to with pure joy. Nor can I say that we fear it. There is a middle lane between the two that I would say is our home. Somewhere caught across the ideas of possibility and the certainty of difficulty.

The law of cloth is amendable. It’s corrected by the needle and thread, whereas the land of wood and stone knows only impact and daily grinding away of ones integrity. This place that we have seen and dreamed, is one that some may recall like the freshly lifted fog. The phantasm of the city, the smog, is like a heavy curtain – dulling the senses into the believing the projected reality on screen.

We seek to leave this place and travel to the lands of Earth, the kingdoms of Tree’s, the Gardens of Gods long lost to the minds of man. There, we wish to sow the seeds of life again into our bodies where in the necropolis of society, there is no life any long.

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