Gypsy Law

The Law of the Gypsy is the an unwritten rule shared between any who have the call and drive to be such a thing. For many, their is an air of mischievousness in their dances. They watch from the periphery of society and move with rains yet unseen to the flesh of man. From their fires, the stories of our ancestors are carried into the heavens of remembrance by singing souls, known as kin to all. Friend to the weary and walking.

The first idea of the Gypsy is that if something has come, then it must go. Be this the dew of the morning, the rains of Spring, the Warmth of the Summer. All things that have found their way from the winding source of their starting spring are bound in the grandest of scales to return back to the bed that bore them.

When we watch our Elders enter into the stages of Growth which echo and mirror the Sleeping Death of each day, we can see or better can say – that as Earth we have once questioned, now facing the failing clay of self are without denial that we are only rocks baring semblances of the whole that we share.

The continuing dream of the Gypsy is rooted in their steps. Whenever the music of God is heard, they move. They lift their skirt, stamp their feet, and begin to find the quiet raising rhythm of their mothers milk again flowing. This movement is bound to two things. The Collective understanding that there are times of rest and peace. Times of knowing and Times of dreaming. The other that it is a continuous process of discovery for one half of each side of this understanding to arrive at the other in tandem and unity (if only for a moment) and that only through visibility of the whole can we move together to see what is actually found to be.

The Last of the Law is known as the most supreme and highest of All.

Keep with you always good spirits. Family, Friends, Familiar’s, Faces, Feelings, Phantoms, or Fading Fads of self-discovery and expression. Let them be Good and found serving not only yourself, but all of those around you. Let your sadness be a story which moves others from the shore you’ve come to know. Allow your joy to be an unreachable beacon that forces those followers to find their own. Find the holy purpose and teaching in every failing and fault. For all are beautiful. For all are you.

And it is You, that we Love.

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