Gypsy doesn’t know what’s around the corner….

I have found that the winding road isn’t one that clearly turns to your view. Often times it appears almost as straight as sun beams set by the morning dawn. It’s clear and resounding with an exactness that has weight. 

When we began to contemplate what this journey meant for us, there were a lot of answers that came up. 

It is for our Children. 

It’s for our best interest. 

It’s the way that life should be lived!

It’s an opportunity. 

If it’s meant to be, then it’s up to me. 

Almost every level of justification surfaced when attempted to make tangible the winds of our minds, yet none of them have brought the peace to which true attainment reveals. 

Understanding and Attainment and often confused with one another. We seek to understand. To Fathom or comprehend the what’s and why’s of our world, yet rarely do we or any among us, truly attain them. 

In conversations with my Brothers, my friends, and family; I’ve found that many possess an understanding of those ultimate base truths. Their very world and faiths have been stitched so deeply into the metaphor of God, that they’ve lost the strength to hold the whole. 

Like a well woven and stitched quilt, hundreds, if not thousands of separate patterns and designs, stories, and plots are written into an experience of warmth. 

For us, as we are really attempting to understand the what for’s and why how’s of our life, of this road and wandering home; The answers are far simpler and vastly sweeter than when first theorized. 

Life is won through Good Words ~ Good Thoughts ~ Good Deeds.

Anyone who tells you otherwise, is trying to sell you something 😉

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