Tale of The Cinders Three

Since the very beginning, we have lived forever. 

Our bodies know no time, our stories are never lost, for no one leaves this realm to cause them to become forgotten. Our ancestors knew that to afford such longevity, tremendous sacrifice was required. It always is when forever is the bequest of Mother and Father. 

Abrin, the First Sovereign, the Forever-Just, built the first kingdom and established the infrastructure by the shores of the great endless sea. The city is formed about the very structure in which we sit, son: the great tower Augusta, which reaches to the top of all creation, where all time can be seen. Abrin was the very first one, the one which received the Word, and cast his very shadow into the sea. Shadows may not exist in form, only in reflection, so the shadow was unable to escape the treachery of the Sea and Her wrath. 

Abrin told his closest circle, the fathers of your peers and their fathers, that in order to persist, each king must cast his shadow upon the sea in order to preserve the longevity of the people, though each king would meet his end within a decade of venturing to the sea. 

Abrin told his people that the Word dictates that doing so for every generation would bring about an enlightenment of the soul. No one knew what this meant, but they dared not disobey the First King. 

He told his people this: 

“When a flash of crimson is known to the holy place,

When the earth cries tears that reach the stars, 

When the radiant garden blooms in the dawn of day,

So shall the Three Stars fall upon the shores.”

Again, no one knew what he truly meant by this. He just said all would finally be made illuminated. But when he awoke in the middle of the night to a thunderstorm one day, and carried his darkness to the sea, he was never the same, but was always great. He began our quest for everlasting light. Bless his name.

Little did he know that millennia after his passing, a bolt of red lightning would strike an acacia tree, and you would enter this world, and be that light that would help save it. 

This path is lonely, son. You know this. The waking world of mortals does not know our laws, but they are still constrained by them. Augusta is home to so many, yet they have never left and do not know the world outside of it. 

You will walk alone. You are a beacon of the light, but you must remember: it is not about you. You wield infinite light, and you hold the key to any kingdom you may find. 

But this is about all of them. Not us. Remember that. 

The Sea of Stars

When I sit and really consider the marvel that is my mind, and the vast, unending pantheon of multiverses that it encompasses, I am always left in awe. 

Your mind, and therefore your extended existence, is just as vast, if not more so. After all, your understanding of your own sense of multi-dimensionality is far more extensive than your perception of mine. Yet they miraculously both end up in the same place.

 We each uniquely hold a key that allows access to our spirit, and when we connect with spirit, we are tapping into a realm of existence where there is no time, there is no doubt, only everything you could ever hope for. It’s not a place you go to on Earth (although some locations can amplify your experience), and it is not the person that you love so much that it hurts. 

All of this sounds very nice, I’m sure, but what spirit looks and feels like depends entirely on you. That is the whole purpose of training your mind and brain to be as expansive as the sea of stars. Your mind is the stand-in for the rest of the cosmos, and think of how little our scientists’ understand what is truly out there. The universe stretches into eternity. What life can survive the expanse? The same goes for your mind.

The logical mind is a fabulous tool, but it cannot be your master alone. You absolutely, 100% NEED your emotions. There is no cheating this, or you will remain in the same cycle of victimhood as everyone else. The mind is the genesis of your physical reality, but if you are too emotionally compacted, and thereby finding it difficult to convene with your spirit, what your mind creates will be limited and bound to physicality, which again is not even remotely the totality of your existence. 

It truly cannot be emphasized enough: you are not a physical being. Training your brain to truly grasp this is vital to realizing your highest potential. What your highest potential is, again, depends on you and what you are called to do. No one is asking you to ditch red meat, break your iPhone and start hosting silent retreats in Pasadena. You are simply being asked to understand yourself, in all aspects, not just the rational mind that humanity has been relying upon for so long. Let yourself feel without judgement, even if it hurts. Be your own salvation. 

Sit in silence and be alone for a time. Let yourself feel without attaching your ego to your feelings. Be consciously aware of yourself, your thoughts and your actions as much as you can, because the hold tremendous potential energy and power. 

Literally, the moment you decide to focus on being your best self is the moment that your life will submit to that will, and see that it happens. And it is so worth it. 

Just Imagine

One of the greatest gifts that we could ever conceive of is given to us while we are still children: imagination. This gift allows us to explore worlds that inspire us and move our hearts in ways we never expected. 

Be it a pivotal scene in your favorite video game that brought you to tears, or joining a fandom that changed your life forever, we integrate them all together into a brand new world that is entirely our own. 

Looking back, those are the times during which I felt the most free. I still enjoy that freedom to this day, and it adds richness beyond measure to our lives when walking around the block turns into crossing the Elysian fields over which we preside. Your mind creates your world, and when it is allowed to paint a new picture that is fantastical that your fantasies become reality. 

I would highly suggest that you never let your desires be limited. Your body is often constrained to only three dimensions, but your soul can go beyond perimeters on a whim. Your mind can reach from one end of all spacetime to the other in less than a moment. Your emotions can reach the treacherous depths of the deepest caverns in the sea where no life exists as you would recognize it. 

There’s a presumption that as we get older, we lose our imagination as we drift further from the Prime Creator until we reach the end of our lives and grow closer to all things again. I would say that we should be compelled to sharpen our imagination and focus on how we can make our lives more fantastical. 

Who are you, really? What realm do you preside over? What is your tool and weapon? What is your calling?

Live your main character fantasy. Better yet, be the author: remain intangible, still immersed in your beautiful world, yet empowered to change it as you see fit. 

Le Gypsy

We’ve discussed the Hippie. Their mystic and magickal arts of give no fucks woven into art that tells stories you cannot forget.

You’ve met the Queen. The Majesty which entitles you to reign supreme over your world and fiefdoms.

It’s important however to follow the music for a moment amidst the noise of these tales. Follow me to the edge of the kingdom….To the bridge which separates your world and the road that calls all others.

Stepping down from your tower, away from your field. Did you hear that sound?

There is a music abound, it’s playing like wind on the edges of mind. You can feel it, but it’s so soft, it’s like a feather fallen from the sky, from a keeper you cannot see.


You’re walking. Following the beauty of this rhythm, we’ve now entered into a strange camp.

Lights of fires, twinkling candles, and flowing tapestries painted into symbols you can’t seem to recognize. But they are so familiar….

As you approach the edge of this gathering, you see the ground beneath your bare feet, a soft deep dark earth, Cool and free from any animosity towards your soles/souls.

Take your shoes off.
Relax your shoulders and give me your bag.
Come sit with us.
Have a drink with us.
You seem like you need a friend.

Where have you been?

You look tired.

Here, come and lie down with me.
We’ve a wide and warm home, plenty of room for you.

Sshh sshh shhh…..Don’t worry.

It’s just us here.

There’s Ama, and Aba – You know them.

There is Onu and Uno, your brother and sister.

Uncle Ommu should be here soon.

It’s been a long time, since we’ve been all together again.

But look at you, it’s as if no time has passed at all.

What’s that?

A question, of course. Anything for you.

Who am I?

Oh honey, I’m your friend. And You are mine. It’s been like that since the beginning, I think. To tell you the truth, all I can say – is that there isn’t a time I can remember, when we weren’t the best of friends.

Do you hear that? It sounds like Brothers drumming. Lets go sit.

Your hand is taken and it’s pulled. Taking you deeper, into their home. You’re now aside a roaring little fire. Across the flames, you can see the young son lost in spirit. Bound to a beat that is rising with the heat.

The space around you feels like a soft vibration, building like the warmth before you. Raising you. Taking you higher.

As sound and silent poetry begin to move the deepest little parts of your body. The family begins to gather. They are coming together. It’s time to celebrate.

Watch your toes, Sisters sings tonight. The little feet dance into elegance, as the she roars into royal regality, each spin she takes flairs her skirt and the stars themselves begin to get lost in the trance. Each turn gives her the years, and as she settles to a stop, Her hair is grey, nigh golden. Her smile is abound like a babe in breast but now it’s time for her to rest.

Beats changing and softening, telling and lessening, the fires dims softly, as you slowly slip off to sleep.

Here, in the Gypsies Keep – You are laid before the kind burning embers, swathed, and wrapped into the robes of the King, the Lady who weaves, kneels before you and knots sweet dreams into your locks. Your head rolling as she caresses you to breath.

Breathe. Inhala ~ Exhala.

Always Ambitious

I think the bane of the two current young adult generations is the indelible pressure we felt to complete two absolutely “vital” tasks: go to college and climb the ladder. Irrespective of whether college was truly affordable, and whether you’re of the mental state for it or not, that seemed to be the most prevailing goal set as children in school, because it paved the way for stability and security behind insulated walls with central air. 

Granted, I love learning, and I don’t regret a single step I’ve taken on my journey up to this point. Not even the decisions I made that affected me horribly, like getting into inhalants and looking for love in all the wrong places. We all respond to pain and anxiety and overstimulation in very different ways. But ideas about conventional education, modes of living and what security really looks like have changed for me over the years in ways that will probably only grow more… radical.

At one point in my life, I really, really wanted to be editor of Vogue Magazine living in a beachfront villa with 100 revenue streams and the ability to have whatever I wanted from speedo-clad concierges with a snap. I was even willing to settle for climbing to the corporate level at a call center. For so many people, the only lives they’ve ever known involve working the majority of their lives at jobs they don’t care about, helping someone that doesn’t care about them catch their dreams, just to be able to afford more fun distractions that keep them from realizing their own

These days, after I began to learn that having a fulfilling life can look different than what we see all over Instagram, I started to open my eyes to how I can create my own brand and identity irrespective of what others expect.

It’s intimidating and confusing sometimes, isn’t it? There are these shining people all over Instagram that promise to guide us towards living a 24/7 vacation. Maybe my desire to be successful (no matter what that looks like at any given moment) needs to be brought back into balance with my level of discipline.

That’s my intent with stepping away from excessive distraction. I’m always growing in mind, body and soul. All four sides of my shape need to be attuned to light and being balanced in my mental state, my emotions, my body and health and my spirit. Everything I’ve looked for in college or work or anything really, I can find inside. So can you, most importantly. There were caverns full of starving, hungry versions of me that can now finally see clearly. It’s great to be passionate about many things, and now I’m seeing ways to support myself and my existence as I need it that are driven by those passions, rather than by the social cues I can throw up that will be obsolete by next year. 

Everything else will follow. 

It will be perfect…

To you:

I remember the first birthday party I had with the cookie monster cake, and how it was at the park near the junior high school that I always considered it as belonging to our family alone. I remember crying for whatever silly reason, then nothing after that from that day. 

I hold in my heart the promise that you made to me from day one: that the world doesn’t owe me a goddamn thing, and if I want something, I can have it with determination and integrity. Integrity. Grandma talked about that a lot, too. It was one of the last things she said to me when I came out to her over dinner. 

I will always recall the day I fell from the heavens on a red bolt of lightning, striking a tree with roots that reached down to the banks of the sea. That tree remains frozen in time, and is where all of those moments are stored, persisting through our bodies and souls. That day, I left the bosom of the sea. I was out amongst the behemoths of the earth, slaying and befriending cosmic gods and sewing seeds at the nexus of creation which you have yet to travel. That is worrying to you, but there’s no need to fear. 

We all are the Family which is the beacon of the light of All. Nothing which crosses our path is meant to impede us. God loves seeing us triumph. So it does no good to fear tripping and falling over branches and stones when we are divinely gifted with sight that allows us to simply look where we walk. 

I can’t tell you not to worry. All I can promise is that our will to love is sovereign and supreme, not fear. I will not bow to fear that does not serve, I will only bow to love, which always does. If you live for love, there’s nothing to fear, and nothing to lose. 

“Thank you” is never enough. Neither is “I’m sorry,” or “You’re amazing” or “I love you.” But I will tell you anyway, until I am shorn of my body and soul, and even then ever after until even the etheric is in a form you no longer recognize. 

I love you always. No matter where I will go. 

The Keys of the King

One piece of advice that will free your mind from worry and your spirit from being snuffed out is as follows: never ever take what other people do personally. 

These really are the keys to the kingdom of Solomon. To be wise is to recognize that the motivations and intentions of others are bound only within themselves, and they are not bound to you. Consider how often you may care so much about what other people think about you. Have you ever wondered why it even matters to begin with? People are concerned primarily, and sometimes exclusively, with themselves and nothing more. With that in mind, how do you approach feelings like rejection, envy, or shame? These are some evil, slimy bitches that can steal your light should you drop your guard. 

If you shoot your shot with someone, and it doesn’t work out, a part of you that’s really very young and still quite hurt may wonder: “What the fuck’s wrong with me? Why wasn’t I good enough for this?” Even if “this” is just a figment of your imagination. Even if this idealized version of what could be may not be the way you expected. You need to understand that those sick feelings in your gut about being “good enough” have absolutely nothing to do with the other person or people that you believe rejected you. Just as their lack of desire for you, for whatever reason, has nothing to do with you. 

Maybe you want to express yourself in ways that you fear most other people may not understand, and maybe you fear for your safety. That is understandable. You need only recognize that their judgement cannot touch you. See where your soul contracts have indicated moments to teach you through difficulty. We all have them, at every conscious moment of our lives. Mind your space and always be safe, and know that your thoughts can create safe spaces where you can be free. 

When you are motivated entirely by love of your entire being, inside and out, and when you can be fully present and realize that everything else is an illusion, you are free from grief and grudges. Integrate the parts of you that hurt and crave and need. Listen to them. They have just as much to teach you as the moments of joy do. Hurting is okay, feeling down is okay. But look up. 

Love yourself as all of creation loves you. You are never alone. You are always perfectly enough. There is so much more to you than meets the eye, especially your own. 

Wake up. 

What I’ve learned about living in Colorado vs. Missouri


Missouri has beautiful but absolutely terrible weather compared to Colorado. Colorado hardly ever gets ice. It may snow more, but because of the sun’s intensity, it doesn’t stay long. I really enjoy the dry summers. Missouri gets so humid, that when your A/C goes out, you’re f***ed. In Colorado… Most houses, apartments, and condos don’t have any AC at all. Living without an A/C was hell though,  not gonna lie & It’s almost always sunny. About 250 days out of the year it is usually sunny. Tornadoes are not a problem here either.


Colorado has lots of job opportunities. There are all different kinds of jobs here and you can truly do almost anything. Especially with Denver right around the corner. The pay is a little bit higher than Missouri’s. Even the starting out pay. 

The housing market here is awful. The house will be put on the market and then be bought the same day. Prices are also insane. A $100,000 house in Missouri would be the equivalent to a $300-$400,000 house here in Colorado. If you wanted to live in your average, White Picket fence, green grass (which is not natural here), In a decent neighborhood, then the house would probably be about half $1 million dollars. This is why Colorado has so many impoverished neighborhoods.

That’s right, Colorado Springs is not a safe place to live. Denver is also not a safe place to live. Unless, you live in a half $1 million neighborhood or stay away from their downtown’s. On the plus side, Colorado has mountain views. Renting is also impossible. Finding a place to rent in Colorado is extremely hard. In Missouri, if you were looking to Rent a three bedroom two bathroom house it could probably be about $800-$1000. If you are looking to rent a three bedroom two bathroom house and you’re looking to pay anywhere from $1800 to $2600. Not to mention that house could probably be on the market for at least two weeks if not to a month in Missouri. In Colorado that listing will be put down the very next day. Our house that we have currently wasn’t even on the market for a full 24 hours, before we were signing a lease.

Overall, it is so much easier to live in Missouri than Colorado. 


There are so many diverse restaurants here in Colorado, it is insane. Within 10 miles of your house you can find almost any type of food that you are looking for. The Chinese food I grew up with in Missouri is not the same Chinese food here in Colorado. I can find a lot more authenticity from the Colorado restaurants than I can in Missouri. Vegan fast food restaurants are even a popular thing here in Colorado.

The People

Both have meth heads. 😂 no seriously though, The people here in Colorado are rough. There are genuine gangs all over Colorado Springs. And a lot in Denver. And a lot in Pueblo. When we first moved here we had tally marks on our fridge from hearing gunshots. We ended up losing count before we moved out six months later. 

Everyone talks about how awful Missouri drivers are. But have they seen a Colorado driver? “The limit does not exist” here in Colorado. Drivers love to speed, hit people with their vehicles, and manage to swerve anyone off the road. Do not drive the speed limit here in Colorado otherwise you will be hit. Thank God it is nothing like Dallas though. Dallas definitely has the worst traffic that I have ever driven through. Hospitality is not really a thing here in Colorado either. Unless you know the person or they are from a different state. 

Dog lovers live in Colorado. For some reason this is where it gets weird. It is absolutely impossible to find an apartment that will let you sign a lease with a pet. However you can go to a restaurant with a pet, you can go to the grocery store with a pet, you can take your dogs to many places, but they just don’t allow them in apartments. When we try to move here, finding a place for a little pup is almost impossible. Thank God we were able to find a place.


Don’t get me wrong Colorado is beautiful, however I miss green grass without thorns and lush trees. Other than that Colorado definitely got Missouri beat. There is nothing like watching an afternoon storm roll over the mountains, and as you watch the rain head towards you. It’s nice going into the woods and not having to worry about as many ticks, spiders, and mosquitoes. Don’t get me wrong, they do exist here. However, Missouri has a lot more. Fire ants though in Colorado are a major downside. Did you know that fire ants can eat through concrete and brick? I didn’t until I moved here LOL. Also, those cacti though. No go. 

Here are some random facts. 

In Colorado, you have to pay to camp anywhere. And I mean anywhere. There is no Freeland available to just camp. Unless, you do it secretly and no one knows you’re there. But park rangers are a major thing here. And they are hard a**es. Especially during hunting season. 

In Colorado, it is almost impossible to find a body of water that you can go swimming in for free. There are a few reservoirs in the state that you can find, and go swimming in, but they are usually very rigid, and very hidden. They are not usually kid friendly. Meanwhile, in Missouri you can find any body of water dirty or clean and just jump in it. 

In the cities you do not find much wildlife roaming the streets. If you leave the front range, Then you will find mousses, bears, foxes, and beer roaming on the streets.

Colorado is a desert. Anywhere you go in this state except for the north(even then) is going to be extremely dry, sandy, cactuses, and all around very much like a desert. Even in the mountains, it is a desert. There are trees, there are animals, but the land is very dry here.

The Selves.

Is it the body? The mind? Maybe it’s some intangible thingy that was placed there by another equally vague idea.

Maybe….it’s a little bit of all three? Yeah, for our narrative here, let’s go with that.

TLDR version

You are made of three bodies.

  1. Mental Body – The Mind – The Rational or Logical Self – The Masculine – The Highest Self
  2. Physical Body – The Flesh – The Ego – The Vehicle – The Middle Self
  3. Emotional Body – The Heart – The Spirit – The Feminine – The Lower Self

Each of these versions of yourself is a part of the whole and critical to the experience that you are having here on this plane.

Each of these, just like the whole – requires stimulation, exercise, movement to say the least. Your mind must be engaged, your heart involved, and your body facilitating for that A+ experience to be had.

You aren’t going to be able to make it to the next level if you aren’t able to pass the primary pre-requisites established. So let’s check the syllabus and see what to do…

The Mind – Plain and simple on this one loves; You have to be learning, actively listening, and effectively communicating with all parts of your life. This includes people, animals, goals, and even your career. Never settle or rest with where you are. Always be pushing to be farther.

The Body – Natural and Normal. Don’t overthink this. You stomach is as big as your hand. You need water, first and foremost. Next, you need a moderate amount of natural food in it’s original (or as close as you can get) state, with a small amount of salt and some bread, or a starch. Quality over quantity multiplied by mindfulness can transmute a little, into a lot if used effectively.

The Spirit – You have to have adventure and excitement driven by purposeful action in your life to invoke your spirit into it’s proper place. However you attain that is up to you. Some people travel the world, others delve into the depths of themselves, while still a few find it at birth. Look to what moves your heart and makes you become passionate in life.

A Brother and a Sister

There were two siblings. Each uniquely made and built for purposes that neither could deny. Their parents were incredibly paced in all things that they did and quickly left the children they created for an ideal they were still searching for. Now this didn’t stop the kids, but proved to be what made them. He followed her everywhere she went and she never left his side.

They were always off playing some game of unknown rules or origin to the end of whatever day they had found. Their laughter was found like mass beside matter. Their sadness alike the dying of the stars in the final days of God. 

One day came when the world was Dark. It was still and sleeping. The youthful minds which filled it with form, were resting sweetly amongst the shimmering stars when a change began that neither would see until the coming morning. 

As the Dawn of All started to fall and the children woke from a long and healing sleep, each turned to the other with shock in their face and form.

His hands had turned to black and his wings were weighed with stone. The pitch of his eyes was set upon the Light of her guise. She was aflame and burning in pain, yet no cry was held. In an instant, she spread her hands to the sky and took flight in fire. Soaring farther and farther, higher and higher – she crested the heavens and there grew even brighter. His weight gained with every moment he strained against the growing force he faced until at last, he collapsed into himself where he was no more. 

She tore across the heavens now as a Living Light, radiating and illuminating every angle she passed. Where the rays of her sight passed, Life began. Fire forged the quiet and stolen, into a raging cycle of desire. 

He fell into the center of all things and from there saw all that came before, that is now, and would ever be. Turning and writing of all he saw, stitching together the variation in form sewn by his sister, he captured all and let none be forgotten. 

This cycle continued and continues. Moments of unique force have been found in those rare occurrences of collision between Her Light and His Form. These places, Time bends and spaces rends from the path it’s called. For a stolen moment, they are children again. The fire has faded and the weight has lifted, the lives of innocence are left to play in the valleys of gay. Nothing lasts forever and even the dreams of a day when all was well and free from work can call the road the halt. 

There is rumored a day in many myths of when Her path with finally end; When his wounds will finally mend. These moments herald the end of an Era and the beginning of Age.