Gypsy doesn’t know what’s around the corner….

I have found that the winding road isn’t one that clearly turns to your view. Often times it appears almost as straight as sun beams set by the morning dawn. It’s clear and resounding with an exactness that has weight. 

When we began to contemplate what this journey meant for us, there were a lot of answers that came up. 

It is for our Children. 

It’s for our best interest. 

It’s the way that life should be lived!

It’s an opportunity. 

If it’s meant to be, then it’s up to me. 

Almost every level of justification surfaced when attempted to make tangible the winds of our minds, yet none of them have brought the peace to which true attainment reveals. 

Understanding and Attainment and often confused with one another. We seek to understand. To Fathom or comprehend the what’s and why’s of our world, yet rarely do we or any among us, truly attain them. 

In conversations with my Brothers, my friends, and family; I’ve found that many possess an understanding of those ultimate base truths. Their very world and faiths have been stitched so deeply into the metaphor of God, that they’ve lost the strength to hold the whole. 

Like a well woven and stitched quilt, hundreds, if not thousands of separate patterns and designs, stories, and plots are written into an experience of warmth. 

For us, as we are really attempting to understand the what for’s and why how’s of our life, of this road and wandering home; The answers are far simpler and vastly sweeter than when first theorized. 

Life is won through Good Words ~ Good Thoughts ~ Good Deeds.

Anyone who tells you otherwise, is trying to sell you something 😉

Gypsy Law

The Law of the Gypsy is the an unwritten rule shared between any who have the call and drive to be such a thing. For many, their is an air of mischievousness in their dances. They watch from the periphery of society and move with rains yet unseen to the flesh of man. From their fires, the stories of our ancestors are carried into the heavens of remembrance by singing souls, known as kin to all. Friend to the weary and walking.

The first idea of the Gypsy is that if something has come, then it must go. Be this the dew of the morning, the rains of Spring, the Warmth of the Summer. All things that have found their way from the winding source of their starting spring are bound in the grandest of scales to return back to the bed that bore them.

When we watch our Elders enter into the stages of Growth which echo and mirror the Sleeping Death of each day, we can see or better can say – that as Earth we have once questioned, now facing the failing clay of self are without denial that we are only rocks baring semblances of the whole that we share.

The continuing dream of the Gypsy is rooted in their steps. Whenever the music of God is heard, they move. They lift their skirt, stamp their feet, and begin to find the quiet raising rhythm of their mothers milk again flowing. This movement is bound to two things. The Collective understanding that there are times of rest and peace. Times of knowing and Times of dreaming. The other that it is a continuous process of discovery for one half of each side of this understanding to arrive at the other in tandem and unity (if only for a moment) and that only through visibility of the whole can we move together to see what is actually found to be.

The Last of the Law is known as the most supreme and highest of All.

Keep with you always good spirits. Family, Friends, Familiar’s, Faces, Feelings, Phantoms, or Fading Fads of self-discovery and expression. Let them be Good and found serving not only yourself, but all of those around you. Let your sadness be a story which moves others from the shore you’ve come to know. Allow your joy to be an unreachable beacon that forces those followers to find their own. Find the holy purpose and teaching in every failing and fault. For all are beautiful. For all are you.

And it is You, that we Love.

Our Plan

Without going into too much detail so as to add a headache to any individual attempting to contemplate the possibility of our venture – Here is what we have got going on!

So over the last few months, all of the Horsemen have been working hard to prepare for a new phase of life. We all have taken unique paths to arrive here and alike are dawning roads unknown as we look to leave this kingdom which has sheltered us.

Tonight, marks just one of many moments of reflection at the distance we have traveled, of the souls we have loved and let go, of the miles that have been tread under sole of those seeking to remember the ways of the world.

Our cloth covered caravans are almost all loaded, the horses are being well fed, and the children and being given tale and story alike to teach them of the days to come.

I cannot say that this is a journey that we are leaping to with pure joy. Nor can I say that we fear it. There is a middle lane between the two that I would say is our home. Somewhere caught across the ideas of possibility and the certainty of difficulty.

The law of cloth is amendable. It’s corrected by the needle and thread, whereas the land of wood and stone knows only impact and daily grinding away of ones integrity. This place that we have seen and dreamed, is one that some may recall like the freshly lifted fog. The phantasm of the city, the smog, is like a heavy curtain – dulling the senses into the believing the projected reality on screen.

We seek to leave this place and travel to the lands of Earth, the kingdoms of Tree’s, the Gardens of Gods long lost to the minds of man. There, we wish to sow the seeds of life again into our bodies where in the necropolis of society, there is no life any long.

Blazing Star

I’ve been listening to this master class session on Kabbalah recently, hosted by the brilliant Tony Kosenic, and he’s highlighted so many aspects of my recent spiritual and emotional states that it boggles the mind. There are truly no such things as coincidences, and I’m grateful my Mijael suggested I listen and receive that light and wisdom. 

One critical aspect of the Kabbalistic journey that is required to achieve the equivalence of form is one that begins when the creature (in other words, all life and all of creation) is aware of the distinction between it and the creator, and begins to create contrast between itself and the creator. Granted, I am very new to the concepts entirely, and this is just my interpretation. This is significant to me because of the dynamic nature that has been my spiritual path. 

Throughout my teenage years, I was a very devout Christian. I went to church every week, often more than once, and loved being taken by the spirit and moved to tears. I made so many friends and loved how accepted I felt (for the most part). In college, I was made aware of the distinction between my body and my spirit, and began to truly explore and prefer the experiences of the five empirical senses. Sex, drugs, alcohol, what have you. These things are neither good nor bad, they just are, and I rejected my relationship with spirit in favor of receiving these things rather than imbuing light. I essentially identified as a very skeptical agnostic, though I always had a feeling that there was something… more out there. 

Fast forward to now. Not a moment goes by in my life that isn’t laced with magick. Walking down the street is strolling through the Elysian fields. I commune with ancestors, guardians and guides and engage in multidimensional existence regularly. Yet there’s been a voice of doubt that still seeks to create distinction between my ego and spirit. That wants to shed a light of doubt. “Maybe I really am just crazy,” the voice says. I live my best life and seek only to bring joy and bliss to myself and others. Even if I were crazy, would that really be so bad? 

A part of me wants to feel bad about that, but then I look at the journey of Kabbalah, and even my own path through my life, and it just affirms that I am on a path that will eventually take me further than I ever knew was possible. Voice of doubt be damned. All paths eventually lead back to the light, so I will ever remain a blazing star of truth. 

Level up!

Welcome to 2022, my lovely witches and bitches! 222, the rising of the new dawn, where we are moisturized, divine, happy, healthy, and thriving. We, and hopefully you, are minding our own goddamn business moving forward as we aim for a life that represents the high class of the queen, the nurturing of the hippie, and the sacred movement of the gypsy. 

This year marks some tremendous changes for my family and I, as we have decided to transition to a life that is radically divine and free in a way that few seldom get to experience. More specifically, I will be living in my car starting in spring. 

There are a number of things that flash through my head as I consider that big of a change. After 30 years of consistent comfort and commodity (although I have lived in some really shitty apartments). Thoughts rubbing from judging myself as foolish, to feeling some true fear for my safety, my shit is running a full grand prix about this change day in and out as we grow closer to takeoff in spring. What will other people think? That I’m a vagrant that needs spare change? What will my mother think? Will I stay near the city or stay out in BLM-land? What about my current job?

Many questions, much anxiety, but there is excitement and thrill marching right alongside the fear. I know deep down that a major change in my life is an absolute must, even if it’s quite temporary, which is the current plan. But you never know; I have proven quite amenable to change. 

Comfort zones are a killer, and I know continuing to avoid serving my hopes and dreams and most exalted purpose will slay me quickly, even as I grow into a Titan. So even if I do the thing for a month or even a week and I hate it, at least I did it, and that’s something to celebrate. 

Drink water. Be kind. Move your body every day. Go outside. Do the best with what you can, and you will literally live your good ending. 

Tomorrow is Bliss

Starting in Spring, my soul family here in Colorado and I are embarking upon new adventures and taking a chance on our exalted purpose by living on the road and embracing the way of the gypsy. 

There’s a whole hodge-podge of sensation surrounding this idea. There’s plenty of excitement about taking a shot on something entirely unfamiliar to me. There’s anxiety about going without some of my creature comforts I’ve gotten used to over 30 years of life. There’s fear of being out in the unknown without the familiarity of an address and an office to go to. Feeling so many things at once just tells me it’s a way to extend beyond my comfort zone, at least for a time. Comfort zones can be an absolute killer, it can even be a slayer of gods, so there was no hesitation when I thought about what I should be doing next. 

Two primary schools of thought are keeping my head on straight and preventing me from spiraling into anxiety: 1. I don’t intend to be on the road forever, as I require consistent change in order to satisfy a soul-need, and 2. There is no failure when you do your absolute best. 

There are so many questions I need to be able to answer. Where do I want to go next? Will I be able to do small repairs for an RV/van if I need to? What about water sources? Electricity? How will I work? I will say that one boss-ass quality I have is focusing on solutions. That can sometimes be to my detriment and cause me to over-intellectualize my emotions rather than just feeling them, but it helps a ton in this instance. Answering these questions is well within my control. Being prepared will absolutely help pave the way for this eventuality of venturing into the unknown. 

Comfort zones are like a weighted blanket. They feel so goddamn good and can help you stay warm, feel safe and protected. They can curb anxiety and will still your body so you do not move. But you are not always meant to have the blanket on you. They serve a purpose, but comfort zones are not your purpose. 

Your comfort zone is different from someone else’s, which is different from mine. The whole point is to ascend beyond the need for them. There’s a huge difference between a comfort zone and familiarity. It also helps that I am not on this journey alone, I have every spirit, guardian, guide, ancestor, angel, demon, familiar, soul seed, star child, extraterrestrial light family and present/iteration of me that will be right alongside me. My soul family Mikael and Ava are on this journey as well.

We always surround each other with love, and will continue to do so, even out in the “unknown.”


Although it is a concept that exists on the fringes of spiritual and metaphysical conversations, and is mostly known to those with a casual affinity for Lemurian time sorcery, hyperstition is a new area of focus for me. In short, and hopefully I don’t bely the true intent behind the scholarly work I’ve perused on the subject, it is the transmutation of intangible works of fiction into this and other tangible realities. 

As an entity that is always enthralled by imagination and highest thought and all manner of cerebral realms, this concept speaks to me as if it were designed for me. To me, walking down the street is never just walking down the street. There is always a layer to everything I do that exists in a reality distinct from this one, where my body is constrained in many ways, but can also affect it directly, as is the case for all of us. 

Where does one reality begin and another end? Which is more real than the other when you look at those transitions? Some people don’t even believe that there are other realities. To me, it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you are on; your thoughts, and the construct that is your personality, is just as fictitious as anything any author could ever conceive of. They are ephemeral and construct your reality. That is not a bad thing, of course, it just illustrates the notion that there are multiple layers of existence, and we can interact with them freely, for better or worse. 

Whenever I go on a hike, I am summiting Mount Olympus. Whenever I am on a date, I am Eros tempting Psyche to look upon his flesh and savor it. For some people in these spaces, it’s difficult to distinguish between what is occurring in the body and mind, and how the spirit and heart are driving it. 

If one sees oneself as Neo or Morpheus, one might think one can take a flying leap off of a tall building with impunity; you’ll just bounce back up onto the roof. But if we remember: dying in the Matrix means one dies in “real life.” Those that bend the rules still recognize that there are rules to begin with, and higher structures meant to preserve the experience in the Matrix, which is required to go and live beyond it. Neo and Morpheus do not see others within the Matrix as being too “asleep” to be a part of their mission, for those still sleeping are just as real in each layer of existence as they are. 

Imagination is something sacred to me. It’s a brilliant, pure and white light that is given to us as children. I love to imagine myself in my favorite worlds: as a Keyblade wielder, as a Pokémon master, as a Gryffindor Seeker, and as a Crystal Gem (specifically White Diamond). I slip in and out of those worlds as I’m enthralled by them. 

My reality is no less fantastical. I just elect to see the magic behind every breath I take. 

Pure Platinum

So, I was talking on the phone with my close friend and sister within the family of light named Reigh earlier today for her birthday, and she honored me by sharing her journey towards divinity and serving her exalted self first and foremost in a way that brings her joy. 

She told me about her path of reconciling her love for creating art with using art to sustain herself monetarily. In other words, noting the distinction between a “work-life balance” and building a life for herself outside of a career, then using work as a tool to support her living her life. Aging one year along didn’t seem to affect her as dramatically as she expected, but taking gradual steps toward living authentically absolutely has. 

I relate a lot to her story. I’m sure so many of us can understand being drawn away from the beaten path of corporate ascension and living entirely for perception and reception of others. For the longest time, there really wasn’t a solid example for different ways of life, such as people living fully mobile in an RV or van, living entirely off-grid, embracing more radical changes in diet or even relationship dynamics, such as polyamory. We may have felt the call towards something different, and the Internet opens us up to an infinite number of possibilities.

The price we pay is overload. I should speak for myself and say that I at times get overwhelmed with the amount of information out there about crypto, dropshipping, print-on-demand, lifestyle mentorship and everything else under the sun that could potentially support me. I have a personality that tended to thrive on achievement, and being stuck in analysis paralysis is a situation that would put me in a state of anxiousness. What is right for me? How can I work and still be free? What do I truly want to do?

I love to write. That should answer it for me. So at this point, it’s only doubt and fear that is a concern for pursuing it with more concentration and polish. That isn’t a bad thing. We are meant to triumph. And I’m beyond grateful that I have people in my life that support me entirely, and allow me to do the same for them. 

I love and give freely, and the universe does the same for me. Now that’s what I would call building a life and then using a career as a tool to support it. 

Beyond the word.

I feel like Love is one of those huge, god-tier abstract concepts through which anyone can find a long-starved part of themselves that needs nurturing and attention. By that I mean that many of us, myself included, have always looked for Love in all the places where it may not be waiting for us. 

At least I know I always did, and it always stemmed from this need for my existence to be validated by someone else, particularly a man that chose to love me, rather than from the seemingly inherent way that relatives loved me. I wanted unconditional love that chose me. It was rooted into a long since-passed daddy issues arc that I am healing to this day. 

Especially now that I’m 30, and have only been in one very toxic relationship (not due to any one person being at fault) that lasted seven months over six years ago, Love, specifically with the big “L,” is the entirety of my focus. I am one that would easily fall into anxious attachment to anyone that I am in some sort of relationship with, whether it was a new or established connection. I would always look to that person or those people for validation that I was worth having around and loving…

At this point, having loved, been loved, and as I continue to love and be loved, I’ve realized that I’m pretty fucking amazing. That voice in my head that would chime in with “not-good-enough” is much quieter, and my relationship with myself is all the better for it. By extension, my current and future relationships are as well, and it leaves so much room for genuine excitement and grounded presence when I’m interacting with people. My sense of sovereignty comes from within, irrespective of my relationship status. Although genuine connections are of course welcome. 

There isn’t some secret sauce that I slathered onto my love battle wounds. I just decided to love myself the way God does. I chose to declare my boundaries, show myself kindness, find a sense of discipline and love myself in ways that I never had before. 

I nurture my mind, my body and soul. I low myself to feel emotions, even if they’re uncomfortable, without being judgmental or hateful. I love myself the way my future husband/wife/spouse should and will love me. That way, they only add to my joy in life, rather than being the sole source of it. 

In years past, I’d say from about age 14 to my late 20s, and probably even before then, Love in the romantic sense was something that I cleaved to desperately in order to begin establishing meaning in my life. I still had ambitions and desires of my own, to be sure, but they were always amended to include the perfect Italian man that would be mine forever and ever while living in an overpriced villa in Rome. 

These days, I do still desire loving, healing and genuine connection with people, but there isn’t this pressure on my behalf that can inevitably choke the life out of relationships if I were to let it. Now my relationships are healthy and full of so much divine Love that is totally and entirely free and unconditional. 

I try to Love others as God does, and that’s how that Love will find you. 

It’s not personal.

Do you ever find yourself taking the things that other people do or say to heart? Even if it logically has nothing to do with us, or even if we are simply a projection of others’ sense of intrinsic motivation? 

I think that’s one of the greatest crimes we can commit to our hearts: taking on the passions of others in excess. Like we’ve talked about before, it’s not unusual to find oneself looking at everything around us for a sense of validation. This is especially the case for our relationships of all types, and even more so with those closest to us. 

I guess I should speak for myself. I found myself wanting to be the reason why people found themselves smiling, and why they felt special. Don’t misunderstand; this wasn’t to soothe my ego’s need for praise, but it was rather to find a sense of self in all the wrong places. I love genuinely and truly, with all my heart, but I eventually had to realize that all actions are self-motivated. I can love, but I cannot be the thing that motivates literally everyone else in their decision-making, for better or worse. Truth is self-evident, and those I love, don’t know or even don’t like are all motivated by their own sense of what will be their means of realizing that truth. 

It is really easy to take on this cross of false martyrdom and flay ourselves into submission due to insecurity. It’s fruit from the garden of good and evil, not fruit that soothes the soul. I think it’s safe to say that we all love our main character fantasies where we can, and our stories are our own, not to be told by another. 

A gift as a result of this clarity is a truer sense of sovereignty. You take responsibility for what you say and do, not for anyone else. For better or worse. So if you feel heartbroken, misunderstood or underrepresented, know that it has nothing to do with you as a person. People are motivated to serve themselves and their needs. You are more than good enough, and nothing on God’s green earth will dictate otherwise. 

So remember this in those moments when you want to be hurt by the decisions of others, especially if it’s a threat that’s merely perceived. Be empowered in knowing that living in a place of divine sovereignty means living where only God can touch you.