Journey to the Tree of Life

I want you to join me on a trip into the deepest recesses of your mind. Make sure you aren’t in possession of anything wooden and strap on that double ended seat belt. We are about to begin!

Please feel free to download the audio file here for use on the go!

The first step is to relax, go find somewhere comfortable to sit upright in or to lay down flat. Preferably not your bed, as that is somewhere that you associate with sleep. We want to find somewhere that you can be comfortable but still fixed in this very physical world. Places with access to sound that isn’t immediately in your ear, but something that your mind can be aware of. Like cars off in the distance, city sounds, or even the ambient quiet of nature. All or any of these are suitable. If desired, you can use music but I would encourage you to use the sounds around you. Practice using these, over forced audios (like binaural beats or drumming when not produced by an active person or non-digital machine) will help train you to be able to access these safe mental reserves and points of introspection without needing separation immediately from the active world. All that to say, you need to be comfortable and ready to follow the sounds of my voice or pace of these words; To relax and let your mind take you where you go. 

We are going to begin with a simple 7 count to take us into the mental landscape of our beautiful thoughts and from there, journey to the Tree of Life that dwells at the center of our being. Once there, it will be up to you either to travel the branches upward, delve down into the roots; to the wells of creation or even span the multiverse and ring the tree itself. 

If you are ready to begin – then click play and hold on 😉

Meditation Notes and Concepts:

Your body and world is driven by sensory stimulation. In that, when we alter those inputs or parts of your that feed information into your brain and then guide them with a gentle word and present imagination – we are able to access the deepest parts of our unconscious self through individual symbolism as presented by our conscious mind. 

The Tree of Life in this exercise is reflective of your internal energy system and the points or hubs that exist there. Commonly referred to as Chakra Points or Key Points – these are traveled and invoked in our meditation by the 7 count used. 

Upward Travel upon the Tree of Life is indicative of travel into the realms of our mind that deal with thought, logic, order, reason, and the patterns which have been observed by our Super Soul or Highest Self. 

Downward Travel upon the Tree of Life is indicative of descent into our emotional self and reactive mind. Here traumas, Past Lives, Ancestors (not ascended, meaning having evolved beyond connection to physicality, or emotional responses), and sensory attachment have deep roots into the wells of source. 

Mental Thought verse Emotional Experience

When we are imagining or thinking during this meditation, you will be tapping into Positive (Also called Masculine; or Active) and Negative (Also called Feminine; or Passive). Use of numbers, or specified form (like “Visualize the number 7”) is done to call form Logic and Order whereas the declaration of Color or Sensation is done to call the Emotional and Chaotic forces. We use them together (like “See a Red Number 7, Bold and Crimson”) to harmonize these forces within our mindscape. 

Chakra Systems:

It’s important to note that not all energetic beings possess the same energetic form as is about to be described and it is important for any healers or energy workers to first conduct a proper evaluation of their client/target’s personal energy grid before operating any workings or healings. 

The typical non-activated human form will have 7 poles or points that run through the vital systems of the body. These are simplified below:

Root: Located at the base of the spine. 

Sacral: Located within the Groin or sexual organs. 

Navel: Located at the belly button

Heart: Located at the Solar Plexus

Throat: Located at the esophagus/windpipes

Eye: Located between the eyes, and slightly upper forehead. 

Crown: Located on the top of the head

7 Count:

This is used in reverse order to journey and call each of these points into attention. 

7 – Red (Root)

6 – Orange (Sacral)

5 – Yellow/Gold (Naval)

4 – Green (Heart)

3 – Blue (Throat)

2 – Indigo (Third Eye)

1 – Violet/Purple (Crown)

Reverse Travel:

We suggest this for any form of mental or spiritual travel and it refers to the process of stepping backwards through the recalled steps taken. In other words, Go back the way you came in. We don’t want to get lost in our mind and come out somewhere unexpected or not dressed for the occasion and to help us prevent this (though it doesn’t always) we will travel backwards when we are ready to end our meditation and experience. As we count down, we will count back up. As it is done, it is undone. 

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