Practical World Building

Wield the Magick Quill

Every time that you speak, write, or create something – you’ve managed to take an intangible thought and birth that into a universe that now, must contend with it.

WTF is Practical World Building??

Simple! Practical World Building is the idea of creating change in your life by use of artistic medium to motivate the mind to manifest through action, the will of the artist.

The Goal:

By the end of this course, you will be able to weave aspects of your unconscious mind into the living word that you share with the world around you. Every time that you speak, write, or create something – you’ve managed to take an intangible thought and birth that into a universe that now, must contend with it. My purpose in giving this course to you, is so that you may pick up the magick quill and author change into your life, however best tells the story of you.

What to Expect

Each class is planned over a 7 day cycle from start to finish, but can be paced and taken at the individual’s leisure. The modules are broken out into 7 sections, each with a brief lesson and exercise to incorporate that module’s learning into the whole of the project. 

You will be creating a story, unwriting another, while simultaneously watching it all unfold in real time within your life. I will be available on our class forum page to answer any questions you have as you work through the lessons, as will all others who are or have been here before you. These lessons will take the form of audibles, guided meditations, and artistic exercises; All catered towards facilitating a transformative experience within you that will cause an outward change in the physical world you live in. Perspective is powerful and as artists, it’s our job to inspire the masses with a masterpiece worth dying for. 

Once you submit your application for the course, you will receive email from the Class instructor in complete payment. From there, you will be given a download link to a .zipped file containing all of the course material.

This is a journey which we will start together and build to be the tale that captivates all versions of you that have come before. At the end of the 7 Modules, you will be in possession of a one of a kind book and tool that outlines a mission to success for the dreams you have. In it, the magick of story telling, imagination, and actual manifestation will be at your disposal to either follow, or author again in a new and dramatic way. Let us tell a story so magnificent, even the Gods will turn to their heads to listen. 

What do I need?

You will need the following to be able to complete this course as expected: 

  1. Computer or phone capable of viewing PowerPoint presentations, playing audio files, and opening pdf’s. 
  2. A blank notebook and something to write with.
  3. An open mind. 


Each course costs $33.33. This is our base energetic conversion rate for introductory courses and classes. A discount of 33% is available to Master Masons of good standing with their local and Grand Lodges (you will be required to prove your membership and to pass a masonic investigation).

Please note that each course is progressive and based off of the work developed in the former. In order to enroll in either II – The Book of You or III – The Authors Homage, you must have the previous course completed.

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