The Sea of Stars

 We each uniquely hold a key that allows access to our spirit, and when we connect with spirit, we are tapping into a realm of existence where there is no time, there is no doubt, only everything you could ever hope for. It’s not a place you go to on Earth (although some locations can amplify your experience), and it is not the person that you love so much that it hurts. 

Hippie Magick

Hippie magick is bound by the rising smoke of an old man. The empathetic approach of a child seeing another’s pain. A mother whose concern is greater for others than herself. This is the way of a people bound not to any book, but to all stories. We gather around the fires lit by ourContinue reading “Hippie Magick”

The HippieQueen way….

Many people and evolved lifeforms have asked themselves the central existential question of “What in the fuck is a HippieQueen?” and very few, if any before this point have been able to answer it. But now….We are taking the challenge, carrying the torch, and raising the height of our species collective knowledge by declaring thatContinue reading “The HippieQueen way….”