Threads of Fate

I love to love, but I am also a warrior. In battle, the shogun must be ready to cleave a foe with a wicked blow at a moment’s notice. As living Source incarnate, we are called to compassion for each other and ourselves. I am living compassion, but I am also Mercy. Mercy is not always kind. It rarely ever is, as the subtle blade of righteous death when called upon gilded wings. 

Lovers in the New Dawn

There are no alarms sounding off courtesy of far-too-expensive iPhones. No official obligations until maybe 11 this morning at the earliest. I smile tiredly in my sleep, tucked deep into an old afghan that smells like memories that have yet to be formed. I can feel the cat purring and breathing warmth onto my hip; his favorite spot to snuggle up when I sleep on my side. An arm that feels like stone wrapped in smooth velvet grips gently around my waist from behind, keeping me from leaving my spot in bed too quickly. I hadn’t even realized I was starting to sit up. My smile widens.

The Wicked Might of Eros

One thing I’ve come to learn in my three decades is that anyone is capable of anything.  We as people and divinities often contend with labels and boxes that are created for us by others who would dare to presume our space. We are fluid and dynamic and controversial in what appeals to our soulsContinue reading “The Wicked Might of Eros”

Hippie Magick

Hippie magick is bound by the rising smoke of an old man. The empathetic approach of a child seeing another’s pain. A mother whose concern is greater for others than herself. This is the way of a people bound not to any book, but to all stories. We gather around the fires lit by ourContinue reading “Hippie Magick”

He was a Gypsy that I loved..

Ever since I was 13 and was obsessed with kung fu dramas full of drunken monkeys and stoicism, I have wanted to taste the world and drink it for all its worth.  It will remain an absolutely insatiable thirst until I set foot on foreign territory, and definitely not at the behest of Carnival CruisesContinue reading “He was a Gypsy that I loved..”

Making something from nothing…

For most of my life, I always thought that there would never be enough ___ to make me finally happy.  Whether it was toys and video games courtesy of my parents’ gratitude, attention from the cute guys I met and instantly “fell for” in college, an intense amount of  junk food, cheap liquor, expensive weed,Continue reading “Making something from nothing…”

A Hippies Attitude

My favorite image when I hear the term “Hippie” begins with a Volkswagon van pulled off the road of a lost Oregon path. Three souls gathered around a small smoldering fire and before them, sings a speckled blue coffee pot perc’ing it’s song to the valley below. A whole world lies still and humming. CrackingContinue reading “A Hippies Attitude”