The Book Club

Read, read, and read again..

Not only do I never shut up, I also love to read. I have experienced whole worlds, remembered lifetimes, gotten lost in doors that I didn’t know I’d opened, all within the confines of a book. Some of these are fiction, others are historical fact according to their authors but yet we debate still and imagine even further then their quills could pray to scratch.

What’s on the Nightstand?

Who would have thought that the beautiful man from more wet dreams are legal, would also be the author of an incredible moving piece of personal experience, relatable loves, and Hollywood dreams?

“There’s bullshitters and there’s liars. Difference is, the liar tried to hide his bullshit while the bullshitter lets you know he’s lying. That’s why I like bullshitters more than liars.”

Mathew Mcconaughey

Every story and tale that we ingest, leaves a mark on us. Our minds are never the same once we’ve read the words that paint the impossible into such vivid clarity. It’s been the joy of our entire team to actively seek out new stories and experiences wherever we can find them. Each month, one of us will drop a new book onto the morning coffee table and before we delve into the uglies of business, our day begins with a moment of togetherness, all listening to the words being shared.

We have recently concluded The Bhagavad Gita as it is on our Podcast, but for those more drive to listen then to read, we work to regularly release an Live reading of our weekly progression through each chapter or section. Last year we completed the reading of The Emerald Tablets with great pleasure and a wee touch of sadness as that last word fell.

That drive our excitement all the same to be able to organize and present the collective work of our team to create meaningful content to help you along the mysterious and magickal journey that we have dubbed “Life”, we are working alongside of many other creators on our platforms to collaborate and change the Hippie scene into the bean-bagged, beaded, and bearded way it deserves!

Spirituality/Self Help Literature

The Bhagavad Gita, As it is – Audio Recordings

This series pushed us to our limit, but we are beyond grateful for it. Just tune and catch up with us if you’ve not yet heard the mystery of this ancient story brought back to life with vivid language and remarkably thorough history.

The Emerald Tablets – Audio Recordings

Do you remember Atlantis? We do and have relived the long lost and final days of a civilization that once stood as the epitome of our race. Listen to the story and become transfixed in place beyond time and outside of space; Guarded by the keepers of the Ether and Aether, this text has woken many sleeping souls into a rapid place of change. Proceed with Caution! Read along with us – The Emerald Tablets

“Open your eyes to what was, and you will begin to see what can truly be….”

Health and Wellness Literature –

Eat Natural and Normal. These are words we live by here at HippieQueenProductions and this isn’t without it’s real life motivations and experience to drive it. We’ve done the research and put it into practice. We’ve read countless books, research papers, and in the end, ACTUALLY put these strategies into place to see what worked. If you’d like to follow along or read for yourself why we’ve built an entire lifestyle around those two words, please feel free to join us!

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